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Bruticus (Gum)

Bruticus (Gum) Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Bruticus (Gum).
Name Bruticus
Faction Destrons
This page contains information only on the toy for G1 Kabaya Bruticus (Gum). The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Bruticus (Gum).

Bruticus (Gum) Images

Bruticus (Gum) TS360256
Bruticus (Gum) TS360254
Bruticus (Gum) TS360249
Bruticus (Gum) TS360267
Bruticus (Gum) TS360252
Bruticus (Gum) TS360253
Bruticus (Gum) TS360250
Bruticus (Gum) TS360255

Bruticus (Gum) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1986
Wave Transformer Gum Series 4
MSRP 600
Size Class Gum
More Toy Info To complete Bruticus 3 kits (200 each) are needed.
1. Onslaught
2. Vorter & Brawl
3. Blast Off & Swindle

Bruticus (Gum) Review

-Submitted by: Akatsukidou

Gum Series 4 features appealing combiners from both factions, but I have a bitter memory of Bruticus.

When they were released I was an early elementary school age, and the supermarket which sold Transformer Gum was far away. I could only go there when my parent took me, so the only way I could acquire TF Gum was to pick up whatever was on the shelf on those occasional shopping trip.

A friend of mine had the toy version of Bruticus, and I was very envious of the first combiner TF I had ever seen.

Around that time Kabaya released Series 4, but by the time I came to know about them, they were almost gone from the shelves.
I could only buy combiner limbs. Later I found those TF Gum at a nearby candy store, but the one I wanted most, Onslaught was already sold out.
I managed to complete Guardian, but not Bruticus, and I had wanted him more than anything else.

Over 10 years later, I found this Bruticus in a collector's shop.
The price was 10000yen, and it was quite expensive, but I was so happy and couldn't stop myself.

Now, Onslaught - Looking at him now, his design looks rather faded... Actually, he really is faded, compared to the other combiners his plastic colour is obviously faded. I assume he wasn't kept well, but it doesn't matter. I have Onslaught now.

His joints are quite tight, and I worry about the damage when transforming him. The vehicle mode is very long and impressive.

Another picture shows the "sort of" base mode. Not as good as Hot Spot, but this one has its own fortress like coolness.

Vorter & Brawl - Brawl has some bit sticking out behind his legs, and it gets in the way when transforming him. There's no need of having a pin or anything there, so its existence is puzzling.
I think they could use silver plastic for Vorter, because his toy counterpart is grey, but he is army green like Brawl. It is not entirely bad as it helps the combined robot's matching colour scheme.

Blast Off & Swindle - Their plastic colours are...why is red used only for those two? Because of that, the combined form has mis-matched look. I would have preferred army green even though that is not the colour of the characters. I wish they went for a matching colour scheme like Guardian.
When in vehicle mode, they can carry their weapons, nice feature.

They combine to form Bruticus. I even dreamt of him when I was little. Looking at him critically now, I am not happy with the plastic colours and such, but the sentimental value is priceless. Back then I never thought I could have him complete after over 10 years.

Additional Bruticus (Gum) Resources

Contributors: Sol Fury, Akatsukidou, SydneyY

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