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Chromedome (Gum)

Chromedome (Gum) Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Chromedome (Gum).
Name Chromedome
Faction Cybertrons
This page contains information only on the toy for G1 Kabaya Chromedome (Gum). The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Chromedome (Gum).

Chromedome (Gum) Images

Chromedome (Gum) DSCN0053
Chromedome (Gum) DSCN0048
Chromedome (Gum) DSCN0049
Chromedome (Gum) DSCN0050

Chromedome (Gum) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1987
Wave Transformer Gum Series 6
MSRP 200

Chromedome (Gum) Review

-Submitted by: Akatsukidou

All Headmasters kits have the from-Headmaster-to-Head transformation, Transtector and even the meter up gimmicks. The recreation is so perfect you don't even need the actual toys.

Chromedome looks exactly like the character image thanks to the matching plastic colours. The quality of those Headmasters kits is just extraordinary.
As shown in the picture, Headmaster fits in the vehicle. Another picture shows the extent of details on the tiny Headmaster model.

Transformation is simple, so it was obviously easy to imitate the toy. Head On gimmick is of course present. Headmasters series have relatively simple transformation process, so the emphasis is probably more on the play value. Thanks to that each gimmick is very nicely re-created.

Additional Chromedome (Gum) Resources

Contributors: Sol Fury, Akatsukidou, SydneyY

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