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Intelligence is a greater weapon then brute strength.

Steamhammer Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Steamhammer.
Name Steamhammer
Japanese Name Scavenger
Faction Decepticons
Motto Intelligence is a greater weapon then brute strength.

Steamhammer is a dark and stoic Decepticon warrior. His ability to jam enemy transmissions has earned him a high-ranking position in Galvatron's army. His primary function is communication and espionage but when called to action, Steamhammer can battle with the best of them. His powerful fists are deadly weapons. Landmine is one of the few Autobots that will dare face him in fist-to-fist combat. In vehicle mode, he has been known to literally flatten his enemies. Although he is a seasoned warrior, Steamhammer prefers breaking codes to breaking heads and tries to avoid getting involved in battles.

Tech Specs chart for Steamhammer.
Strength 9 Intelligence 6
Speed 5 Endurance 8
Rank 7 Courage 8
Firepower 8 Skill 7

Steamhammer Images

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Steamhammer Ener067
Steamhammer Ener070
Steamhammer Ener073

Steamhammer Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date October 2004 (October 2004)
Wave Energon Combat Wave 6
MSRP $9.99
Size Class Combat
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 80270
Product # 80965
Re-Issues Universe Steamhammer
Recolors / Reuses Super Link Scavenger , Classics Scavenger

Steamhammer Parts List

Steamhammer toy parts information.
Figure Type Construction Vehicle
Figure Color Green

Steamhammer Review

-Submitted by: Sousuke_Sagara

Name- Steamhammer
Faction- Decepticons-Constructicon sub group leader
Price will be $10-$20 when it becomes avaible(November release)

Number 3 of 4 containing steamhammer alt and robot mode only.

Alt mode

Like the other constructicons Steamhammer has a construction based alt mode. However unlike Sledge and Duststorm this has no resemblance to any of the G1 Constructicons, RID Build Team or the upcoming Sixbuilder/ U devastator reissue. Steamhammer's alt mode is a digger(can't think to technical term )

The altmode is very nice primary paint aps are green black and silver with a small ammout of red for the cockpit windows(same as E Duststorm). The green is far brighter than is is on sledge and is far closer to the G1 constructicons for comparison. There is a tiny ammount of purple on the top of Steamhammer around the knees in robot mode.

Now the details 2 minicon ports are attached at the knee section but are too close for using 2 minicons at once. The spark Crystal is set in the shovel section and one of the powerlink connectors is set on the digger arm. There is some nice detailing on the underside of the arm detailing the hydraulic mechanism. The tracks on the underside are all nicely detailed and more silver paint aps for the detailing on the drive mechanism also due the wheels on the underside it is fairly free wheeling.

All in all a very very nice and functional looking alt mode with only a minor niggle. This being some of the connectors on the underside are visible in alt mode That's it thats all I can think is wrong with this. Worth an A without arguement and as far as these leader's go it's probably better than Stormjet.

Robot mode

The best alt mode can be ruined if the robot mode is sucktastic(Rid car brother's i am looking at you) luckily Steamhammer doesn't let us down, here's how to make him

1. Disconnect side panels and swing up through 180.
2. Fold legs out and swing waist down and then swing legs through 180.
3. swing both arms out and twist digger arm so silver side up.
4. Pull out track section flip though 180 put back in place
5. Pull down head cover and raise head into position. Flip out feet.

And there we are robot mode complete. Of the 2 Stormjet is the taller model. Steamhammer is shorter and stockier looking leading me to believe that it's a case of strength vs speed between these 2.

In robot mode the green still reigns as king with more silver used on the detail and a huge invasion of purple and red used for devastators Chest Plate. There is now a small amount of orange as well for the face. The head itself is very nice orange face blue light piping eyes and the rest of the head done in black.

There is a high level of articulation but not quite as high as Stormjets. Still there is full shoulder (360 circle rotation and 90/180 degree up down for the left right arm repectively. Full elbow and waist followed up by hip and knee articulation as well. None in the head however stood stock still. Another good thing is there is almost no kibble except for a little bit on the left arm at the cockpit section.

Again almost no faults that I can see it holds together well poses nicely and unlike Stormjet has no annoying empty middle. Steamhammer may be less versatile in tems of accesories as there is only one hand that could equip an E weapon but who cares when you have a massive shovel as an arm!

Overall- another very nice mode which looks stocky enough to be able to put the hurt on anyone who get's in his way. Worth an A as well and is overall better than Stormjet due to no annoying centre holes.

Next Review 4 of 4 uh oh the big guys awake. Lock the doors as Devastator awakens.

Additional Steamhammer Resources

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, TreKain

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