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Bruticus Maximus

He who awakens me shall gain everything!

Bruticus Maximus Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Bruticus Maximus.
Name Bruticus Maximus
Japanese Name Bruticus
Japanese Number SD-21
Faction Decepticons
Subgroup Destruction Team
Function Military Union Soldier
Motto He who awakens me shall gain everything!

This ancient Destron warrior was one of the few among the Destrons to possess a Combination Spark. That power was sealed away for ages, but now his transforming and combining abilities, reputed to eclipse even the Cybertrons', are restored, and once again he alights in utter composure before the Cybertron forces!

* As Bruticus had no English tech spec, a translation of his Japanese one is given here. sound familiar? The same is true of Generation 1 Bruticus!

Tech Specs chart for Bruticus Maximus.
Strength 10 Intelligence 8
Speed 8 Endurance 10
Rank 9 Courage 9
Firepower 10 Skill 10

Bruticus Maximus Images

Bruticus Maximus Ener114

Bruticus Maximus Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Recolors / Reuses Super Link Bruticus , Revenge of the Fallen Bruticus Maximus , Asia Exclusive United Bruticus

Bruticus Maximus Parts List

Bruticus Maximus toy parts information.
Figure Type Other

Bruticus Maximus Review

-Submitted by: PopCulturePooka | Overall Score: 9

SD-21 Superlink Bruticus review.

By PopCulturePooka.


During G1 the evil Decepticon gestalt Bruticus was arguably one of the most popular of the giant gestalt robots. He combined from a team of military vehicles into a powerful looking robot bristling with firepower. In fact the toy was so popular that it was eventually repainted 7 times (Original G1, as Battle Gaea in the Japanese Operation Combination, in G2, in the Japanese Car Robots series, in Robots in Disguise, an urban camouflage redeco and a desert camouflage redeco).

Now in 2004, with the excellent Superlink/Energon series creating homage’s to all manner of earlier Transformers series and all new Bruticus has been created.

Bruticus is back. But how does this new version rate? Does he smack Superlink Superion down or does the Autobot combiner win the day?

I’ll start this review by looking at each of the individual bots, before checking out the big guy himself.


Missile Truck Mode

Onslaught. Likely one of the more famous gestalt team leaders during G1, Onslaught was a military style flatbed truck with two huge cannons. This time around Onslaught fights the Autobots in the form of a large bulky missile truck.

The colour scheme for Onslaught is primarily grey and a metallic forest green with some occasional metallic olive-yellow detailing in places like the missile tubes and some black plastic areas. The majority of the truck is grey while the metallic forest green is used for the missile launchers (non-functional) and parts the cab. In fact the colour scheme really is homage to the original G1 Onslaught. The trucks windows are Energon clear blue. He also has an Energon spark port at the front of the cab in a similar place to where Snowcat has his port (in fact I get an upgraded Snowcat vibe from this guy’s vehicle mode). He has two dead minicon ports in the mode, on the missile launchers.

He has 8 free wheeling wheels which all move quite nicely. His big missile launcher can be positioned up and down and move from side too side a little, making for quite a playable alt mode.

It should be pointed out that his head is slightly visible in the mode, but it’s not too bad and does not detract from a very playable and tough alternate mode.

Robot mode

In robot Mode Onslaught is an imposing, bulky figure that retains the same colours as his alt mode, without introducing many more. However there is a lot more black and olive-yellow visible in bot mode.

While the Aerialbots Afterburner had big chunky face smashing arms in bot mode, Onslaught is blessed with big chunky head crushing legs and feet. His feet are in fact the missile tube areas from the truck mode, making for an interesting weapon placement. His chest is made from the underside of the truck and the placement of two panels make him look like he has well formed pecs. It should also be noted that there’s no ‘chest’ gap here unlike Afterburner. He has a minicon port on his right shoulder and two more on his knees. Interestingly, the shoulder port isn’t as long as most minicon ports, maybe only 2/3rd’s the size.

One VERY noticeable thing about Onslaught is his huge backpack, which is actually the front part of the truck mode. It’s big, real big. But because of Onslaughts big broad feet, the backpack doesn’t affect stability at all.

Onslaught has 20 points of articulation in all, 5 in each arm, 4 in each leg, a rotating waist and a rotating head. You could theoretically add 2 more because of his shin design needed for the gestalt mode, but there’s not a whole lot you can do here (except a HILARIOUS running like shit pose).

His head is nice. In early pictures people commented that his head had ‘Princess Leia’ buns. I don’t see it. Sure he has two big thick disks on either side of his head, but for some reason they make his head look a lot more powerful and strong. As is standard these days, he has light piping eyes, a dark blue that doesn’t channel light very well at all.

Finally he is a lot more stable than Afterburner, with no annoying peg nonsense here. He holds together well and can be put in quite a few fun poses. He makes a very nice leader bot to the Combaticons, and the only big gripe I have is that I wish he was slightly bigger. He is a wee bit small, particularly in alt mode.

Onslaught is a great, fun toy and scores a 9/10 from me.

Now onto the limbs. There has been some controversy regarding Hastaks decision to use only two moulds for the limbs, with each mould having two paint schemes.

Swindle and Brawl

Tank Modes

Back in G1 the Combaticon known as Brawl was a fairly standard looking green tank while Swindle was a conniving yellow jeep. This time round they are both based on a rather obscure Russian vehicle known as a Tunguska M1 Low Level Air Defence System.

Personally I love this vehicle mode. While not as ‘powerful’ looking as a tank it still looks quite menacing, with two anti-aircraft cannons on its turret and more if you attach the Energon weapons. The vehicle also has smaller missile launchers moulded on either side of the turret and what appear to be machine guns at the front of the vehicle. As pointed out by my friend Fit for Natalie, Hastak had the foresight to put the spark crystal right where the real Tunguska has one of its round radars

The anti aircraft guns can move up and down and the whole turret section, radar and all, can be swivelled around 360° allowing for an almost complete range of fire for these two guys. Very cool and actually quite unexpected. One ‘negative’ I have is that the robot fists are blatantly obvious in alt mode unless you attach the Energon weapons. I’m not usually a fan of doing that myself, I prefer my alt modes ‘unspoiled’ sometimes. But thankfully in this case attaching the Energon weapon works well as it adds two more cannons and radar.

I should also point out now that the Energon used for the Combaticons is a much darker blue that looks almost like it has black in it. Very nice, but doesn’t channel light so well.

Swindles colour scheme is mainly a metallic olive green with a very dark grey, almost black, used for the gun barrels and radar sections. Brawl uses, strangely enough, a mainly leaf green colour scheme, complemented by areas of darker green, grey and black. Of particular note is the white paint detailing and number 16 on Brawls side and his anti aircraft guns. They are mainly grey, but feature black ‘scorch’ detailing at the fronts with a tiny dab of orange at the very end. Nice.

These two guys are great in alt mode, VERY heavily armed for basic sized figures.

Robot Modes

In robot mode the Tunguska Twins have some odd proportions. HUGE looking chest, thick stocky arms and… well… skinny chicken legs with big flat feet. Not this is a bad thing. These guys look powerful, with the tank mode guns being attached to their arms in bot mode. They do however look a little unbalanced. I think a big part of it is the fact that a big chunk of the tank modes turret and radar area becomes the chest area of the bot. This looks a bit silly in my opinion, makes them look ‘fat’ in the same way as Arcee. One nice touch however is their ‘wings’. The side panels of the tanks, which include the tracks, become two long flowing back pieces that look like long thin wings in robot mode. I think these look very nifty.

They have 16 points of articulation, using ball jointed shoulders, elbows hips and knees. The ankles are also articulated, using joints, and the head and waist can swivel. The wings can also be positioned, but they can’t be moved too much and are always pointing down. The AA guns can also be pivoted around 360°, and can be pointed forwards are backwards.

There heads are fairly standard robot heads in helmet fare with light piped eyes. Swindles is dark grey with a silver face while Brawl’s is light grey with an orange face. They do however have three missiles launchers on either side of their head that kind of look like ‘ears’ (these guys must get splitting headaches). They can of course hold their Energon weapon, which looks like a nasty double barrelled gun (which does have a powerlinks port on it).

In robot modes both Swindle and Brawl share the colours they had in their alt modes, with Brawl revealing some until now unseen sections of light blue, mainly on his kneepads and around his stomach.

I love these guys in alt mode as they are fun, heavily armed ‘tanks’ that can do quite a bit. In bot mode I’m not exactly convinced. They are fun and have the basic articulation needed, but they are also a bit disproportioned and those wings get in the way a bit.

Overall I give Swindle, with a nicer colour scheme, an 8/10 and Brawl a 7.5/10.

Blast Off and Vortex

Helicopter Modes

When they were mighty G1 gestalt limbs Blast Off and Vortex were a space shuttle and a combat chopper respectively. Blast Off in particular was odd, because he was A) a VERY out of scale Space Shuttle and B) Brown. A brown space shuttle. Very odd. This time around both bots find their alts modes to be combat choppers (but my apologies, as of writing I still hadn’t found what style of chopper they are exactly).

As choppers they are quite nice, bulky yet oddly sleek at the same time. They have two ‘thrusters’ type packs on either side of their bodies. Their cockpit area looks rather ‘snub nosed’ but nice. Where they really shine is their integration with their Energon weapons. Unlike the Aerialbots, which looked awkward with the Energon weapons they come with, these guys’ weapons suit them nicely. In the case of Blast Off and Vortex the Energon weapons attach to the choppers belly and look like either guns or landing pads. Their Energon star port is found slightly behind the rotors. They can also attach Energon weapons to the underside of these little wings found on the sides of the body.

Colours for these guys are interesting. Blast off is mainly dark grey for most of his body, but uses royal purple for his rotors, thrusters, tail and underbelly parts. He also sports some metallic powder blue or yellow paint details in various places. His cock pit is made from blue Energon plastic. Vortex on the other hand is a mix of orange, gold and maroon. Gold is used for the cockpit area, orange for the belly parts and chopper main body and maroon for the thrusters. Sounds gaudy but it works quite well, evoking a chopper that flies over red rock deserts or at sun down. Instead of silver paint details Vortex employs mainly blue paint aps to help detail him.

Nice little helicopter toys but the colours COULD have been better.

Robot Modes

Robot modes for these two are fairly basic, with the cockpit being the chests, the thrusters being legs, the tail and rotors of the choppers being back accessories and the underbelly parts being arms.

They have 12 points of articulation each, the same basics as the tanks. Ball joint shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, joint ankles, and moving heads and waists. However this time around there poseability is hampered quite badly by the helicopters tail. They can’t do my favourite crouching fire position, which always loses a toy some points from me.

Their heads are tiny compared to the rest of them, and look like heads in helicopter pilot helmets. They both have light piping ‘visors. Vortex’s helmet is maroon and he has a gold face while Blast Off has a purple helmet, yellow face and powder blue detailing on the helmet around the cheek area.

Neither bots have any obviously new colours in robot mode that weren’t visible in chopper mode, nor do any colours become more or less prominent. However it becomes obvious here that using powder blue or yellow on dark plastic isn’t a smart move, as some of the paint aps on Blast Off look quite bad.

These two guys are rather… bland. They aren’t terrible toys, but don’t share the playability of Onslaught or the tank twins, in either mode. The rather odd choice of colours for either of them doesn’t help things much. Again they aren’t terrible, but no means great. They are rather mediocre.

They both score a 7/10 from me.


Now this, this is MUCH better. Anyone who read my review of Superion knows I was disappointed by its instability. That is definitely NOT the case with Bruticus. I’m going to get it out of the way right now. Bruticus is VERY stable. No silly peg problems, no difficult to plug in limbs, no slumping. Nothing. Just a tight, tight mega robot.

Now on with the rest.

Colours of course are an amalgamation of the colours of the 5 individual robots. The tanks and Onslaught look good together, as they each have military style paint schemes. The helicopters? Well… One good point is he doesn’t have an overused set of colours like Superion does (red, white and black) so there’s not as much imbalance.

Like all the gestalts, people have mentioned that the hands and feet of Bruticus, made using the limbs Energon weapons border on the lame, not looking particularly like real hands or feet. Some argue that real looking hands and feet aren’t necessary. I’m a middle grounder. Superions hands and feet were lacking, being little more than blasters of death. Bruticus is a bit luckier. Both the tanks and the choppers Energon weapons make convincing hands. The tanks guys’ hands look a bit dodgy, kind of like a grabbing claw, two fingers and one big flat thumb. However it can be positioned to grab some things to an extent. The choppers guys’ hands are the win! Four fingers and an opposing thumb. This looks very nice, like an open bitch slapping palm, ready to pimp slap Superion into the inferno. It isn’t very articulated. Feet wise neither type is particularly great, but they are serviceable. The choppers feet in particular are a little lacking.

As mentioned very enthusiastically earlier Bruticus is quite stable. But he is also quite stable when being put together. For some reason Superion had a tendency to be difficult to get together, especially when attaching the legs. Bruticus doesn’t have that issue. Everything plugs into place, and holds there, very well. All the limbs look fine as either legs or arms and you don’t have to spread Bruticus’ legs apart like you do for Superion.

Design wise he rocks, looking very big and powerful and ready to smash those peace loving Wussybots. His chest is Onslaughts truck cab, albeit turned upside down while his upper thighs are from Onslaughts missile launchers, with the missile tubes being his kneepads. Not sure what a good physiotherapist would think about missiles being shot out of your knees, but oh well.

His head sculpt is very nice, very robotic looking. In fact the lower part of the head, mainly the eyes and mouth, look very much like a Cylons head from the old Battlestar Galactica TV series. He has two black horns on the side of his head, but they are smaller than Superions horns. Of course he has light piping eyes, but like Onslaught the blue is a little too dark to channel light properly. Paint wise there’s a bit of yellow on either side of his mouth vent and a touch of red on his forehead crest. If I must gripe about the head then there are two minor issues. One is that it’s a wee bit small; I would have preferred the head to be larger. Not that it’s out of scale (much), but its not quite as powerful looking this way. The other is that its set a little too far back on the chest, leaving quite a large flat surface that lacks much detail save for an upside Decepticon symbol.

Articulation isn’t the Superlink gestalts strong point and Bruticus is no exception. Like Superion he can swivel his head, bend his knees or kick up or too the sides and move his shoulders up and down or out to the sides. Bruticus, unlike Superion, can also rotate at the waist. However Bruticus has one major advantage over Superion in articulation.


That’s right. Sure Superion could have some type of elbow, but they were clumsy at best. Bruticus however can have elbows regardless of who is the limb, and in this instance the elbows actually look good. It’s amazing how the presence of elbow can improve the range of poses on a figure. It should be noted however that the elbows seem a bit ‘unofficial’ as they aren’t mentioned in the instructions or shown in any official pictures.

Well the more observant among you have probably noticed something here. In each field I have compared Bruticus to Superion. And each time Bruticus wins. That’s because, as a gestalt, Bruticus is simply the better toy. Poseable, stable, much more balanced colours wise, easier put together and a nicer design make Bruticus a truly great gestalt.

He easily beats Superion and scores a 9.5/10 from me.

Bruticus and the Combaticons are a great team. A great combined mode and nice little individual bots that aren’t QUITE as good individually as the Aerielbots are but are still nifty little basics. And Onslaught is a GREAT deluxe.

This set is HIGHLY recommended.

Overall scores recap:

Bruticus: 9.5/10

Onslaught: 9/10

Swindle: 8/10

Brawl: 7.5/10

Blast Off: 7/10

Vortex: 7/10

Averaged Team score: 8/10

Special thanks to TFW2005 member and good friend Fit For Natalie for help with identifying the alt modes, G1 and SLink.

Energon Bruticus Maximus Review
Submitted by: mag_jr.

When I reviewed Barricade back in January, I promised to review Bruticus Maximus once I had all the basics.

That heady day is here. Or, well, was here about the middle of last week, but I had more important things to get done first. Er.

Anyway, here it is, at last, in all its glory--the one, the only, Gluteus, uh, Bruticus Maximus.

Leg Transformation

1. Pull the arms and legs out to the sides. Face the lower legs to the bottom of the copter and rotate the waist.
2. Pull the entire front assembly (not just the cockpit) down. Fit the slots in the arms onto the tabs on the legs. Flip the feet up. Push the rotor blades together until the peg fits into the slot.
3. Take the weapon and unfold it (side barrels back, center barrels forward), then fit the pegs on the weapon into the holes in the feet.

Arm Transformation

1. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
2. This time, keep the weapon folded up and insert the pegs on the back of it into the holes in the feet.
3. Pull the connector piece on the copter down.

Leg Transformation

1. Unfold the weapon and fit it onto the pegs on the front of the tank. Whoo, hard.

Arm Transformation

1. Fold the weapon up and fit it onto the pegs on the front of the tank.
2. Pull the connector piece down. (Ooh, a whole extra step!)


1. From robot mode, rotate Barricade's waist to the back, then pull his legs up until the connectors come through at the bottom and snap the black brackets back down on the back of his legs.
2. Push Barricade's head back into vehicle mode position, then pull his shoulders up into place.
3. Rotate the arms so that the wheels face his robot mode chest, then push them onto the sides of his body; they'll fit onto pegs on each side (a good fit, too--no Storm Jet floppy nonsense here).
4. Disassemble the front vehicle section on his back by lifting the top piece away, then pulling the two side sections out to the side.
5. Pull the plate with Bruticus Maximus's head up, then push the two side sections into place by pushing them back in and forwards towards the front wheels at the same time. They should fit snugly against the head plate piece.
6. Pull the assembly up and lower the head plate piece onto the two pegs at the top of his shoulders.
7. Rotate Bruticus's head forwards towards his new chest, then attach the transformed basics to the connector pieces.

Bruticus Maximus

This is still my favorite of all the Energon combiners, and one of the best 'Con gestalts ever. He's large, imposing, and he actually fits together right (unlike Superion Maximus, flop-bot of the year in more than one sense). Standing at a hair under ten inches, Bruticus is also the largest (by far) of the Energon combiners, and one of the bigger gestalts in all of TF history.

Oddly, and thanks possibly to Barricade's neutral color scheme, all the different colors actually fit on this toy, which I wasn't would happen, even Stormcloud's loud orange/brown colors. Bruticus looks like a pure war machine. (The Darth Vader-like head helps.)

I've seen a couple of complaints about Stormcloud and Blackout's limb modes, but they make sense as part of the combination (and, frankly, to me they look less odd than Treadshot's, but maybe that's just me--none of them are any weirder than some of the contortions the G1 combiner limbs did). Blackout holds his weapon in place better, so he makes a much better foot than Stormcloud, but both are stable. In fact, any of the limb combinations work well with Bruticus, and, unlike Superion, Bruticus actually gets to have something approximating hands, which looks a lot better, too.

If I've counted properly, Bruticus Maximus gets to have a respectable 12 points of articulation, which is huge nest to most of the G1 gestalts, who have, oh, 2. (I love G1, but most of the toys aren't much more than cool-looking bricks, sort of like transforming figurines more than action figures, if you get my drift.)

Final Thoughts

I love this toy--as I said, it's easily my favorite Energon combiner, maybe one of my favorite toys in the line, and definitely a contender for one of the best gestalts in TF history (although probably not THE best). If you can find his component parts he's highly recommended.

Bruticus Maximus Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Bruticus Maximus in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Trevor Devall

40 Ambition
41 Wishes
42 Galvatron
43 Break Through
44 Distribution
45 The Omega Train
46 Deception Army
47 Ironhide Team
48 Formidable
49 Galvatron Terror
50 Destructive Power
51 Spark

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