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Starscream (Launcher)

Starscream (Launcher) Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Starscream (Launcher).
Name Starscream
Faction Decepticons

Starscream (Launcher) Images

Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-3
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-4
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-1
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-2
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-5
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-6
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-7
Starscream (Launcher) Bot-Shots-Starscream-Launcher-Carded

Starscream (Launcher) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date August 2012 (August 2012)
Wave Bot Shots Launcher Assortment Wave 3
MSRP $7.99
Size Class Launcher
Assortment # 37674
Product # 39480
Recolors / Reuses Bot Shots Starscream , Bot Shots Acid Storm , Bot Shots Skywarp , Bot Shots Thundercracker , Bot Shots Skyquake , Bot Shots Sunstorm , Bot Shots Skyquake (Super Bot) , Bot Shots Starscream (Fire Assault) , Bot Shots Quickslinger , Bot Shots Firestrike

Starscream (Launcher) Parts List

Starscream (Launcher) toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship , City/Fort/Battle Station
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Toy Arena