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XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased)

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased).
Name Black Widow
Faction Destrons
Subgroup Binaltech

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Images

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Black-Widow-1
XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Black-Widow-2

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Cancelled
Recolors / Reuses Alternators Windcharger , Alternators Decepticharge , Binaltech Overdrive , Binaltech Arcee
More Toy Info Black Widow was originally going to be called Wildrider, but the name was changed due to trademark problems. The toy was then given a color scheme based on the Transmetal 2 incarnation of Beast Wars Blackarachnia, with the toy's name being "Black Widow", which was Takara's name for the character. She was subsequently postponed and then cancelled all together as Takara feared that another redeco would be too repetitive.

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Parts List

XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color Grey/Silver

Additional XBT-16 Black Widow - Honda S2000 (Unreleased) Resources

- Black Widow's bio, system description and Story of Binaltech chapter were all published in The Transformers Binaltech stories.

- Black Widow's bio establishes that she was the same character as Beast Wars Blackarachnia. Following Nemesis Part 2, during the return flight to Cybertron, she would have been separated from the rest by an ominous dark force and given the command to destroy the Matrix. She is conflicted between her original personality and this new dark influence on her spark, and also retains her telekinetic abilities and ESP.

- The story chapter, The Widow's Edge, follows up on Shockwave's plan to let the Autobots face Unicron and then defeat them afterwards while they are weakened, and sees Unicron shift away from his role in the original history, the Decepticons suffering an attempted coup d'etat by Starscream, and the arrival of Black Widow and Decepticharge as heralds of Unicron, tasked with bringing the Decepticons back into line and making them do Unicron's bidding - destroy the Matrix!

Contributors: Sol Fury, SmokescreenGT

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