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Depth Charge

Depth Charge Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Depth Charge.
Name Depth Charge
Japanese Name Depth Charge
Japanese Number C-46
Faction Maximals
Function Aquatic Forces Commander

A magnificent giant soars through the oceans in regal silence. Depth Charge was commissioned by Optimus Primal to act as a first line of defense against Predacon undersea aggressors. Though he would rather study military strategies than execute them, Depth Charge is a dedicated fighter and inspired leader. Nuclear cybershark drone conducts recon missions, doubles as reinforcement in battle, and fires dual proton torpedoes. Intermediate space-cruiser mode can achieve planetary orbit or withstand the deepest oceanic pressures. As a robot, he fires shrapnel grenades from his chest and can maintain a force field for five mega cycles. With unshakable nerves and Energon-cutlass in hand, Depth Charge leads his brave platoon into battle.

Tech Specs chart for Depth Charge.
Strength 9 Intelligence 10
Speed 8 Endurance 9
Rank 10 Courage 10+
Firepower 9 Skill 9

Depth Charge Images

Depth Charge BWultraTMDepthChargev2thickbox

Depth Charge Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1998
Wave Beast Wars Transmetals Ultra Assortment
MSRP $19.99
Size Class Ultra
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Beast Wars Metals Depth Charge , Universe Depth Charge

Depth Charge Parts List

Depth Charge toy parts information.
Figure Type Fish/Sea Based , Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Blue
Disc Yellow/Gold
Missle Launcher Blue
Missle Yellow/Gold
Sword Grey/Silver

Additional Depth Charge parts info:
5 X "Shrapnel Grenade" Disc Projectiles
2 X "Proton Torpedo" Missile Projectiles
1 X "Torpedo Launcher" (patterned after a fish, this is Depth Charge's infamous "fish gun")
1 X "Energon Cutlass" sword (forms the back half of the Beast Mode tail)

Depth Charge Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Depth Charge in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor David Sobolov

Cartoon Overview
Depth Charge was a Maximal security operative who was forever at odds with the failed Maximal experiment Protoform X aka the Predacon Rampage. He had a very low opinion of Optimus Primal, figuring he'd screw up the job of disposing of X safely, and so went rogue, tracking X. When we first see him in season 3's Deep Metal, he is cruising through space in his Starhopper class shuttle, when he locates a temporal anomaly leading him to Earth and X, and is bathed in Quantum energy, converting him into a Transmetal.

Having crashed on the planet and scanned a beast mode - a giant manta ray - Depth Chrage set out in search of his nemesis and in the process rescued Cheetor. Damaged in battle with Rampage, he was brought back to the Maximal HQ at the Ark, where he voiced his dislike of Optimus Primal and rudely brushed off Cheetor's thanks for saving him.

Depth Charge would continue to act on his own, pursuing Rampage wherever he should appear, creating more problems for the Maximals. On one occasion, his independent actions cost the Maximals the command module of Sentinel, giving the Predacons a considerable advantage. On another, he was involved in an accident that led to Cheetor being bathed in energy from the Transmetal II driver - a device that Depth Charge disposed of, rather than hand it over to Optimus, which led to Blackarachnia getting ahold of it.

Depth Charge and Optimus finally were able to get beyond their mutual enmity when Megatron recovered the Decepticon battleship, Nemesis. Being the only one who could pursue the Predacons undersea (as Megatron and Dinobot II were making their way there in a submarine), Depth Charge was sent ahead, while Optimus and Tigerhawk tracked him flying above the waves. Here Depth Charge met his end, locked in mortal combat with Rampage - confronting the Predacon beneath Nemesis' resting place, Depth Charge fought with his all, eventually driving a spike of pure Energon right through the monster's spark. The resulting explosion destroyed both Depth Charge and Rampage.


Beast Wars
41 Deep Metal
42 Changing of the Guard
43 Cutting Edge
44 Feral Scream Part One
45 Feral Scream Part Two
47 Go with the Flow
51 Nemesis Part One

Depth Charge Comic Book Information

IDW Overview

Depth Charge idw Depth Charge was observed emerging from the water in the first issue of Beast Wars: The Gathering. This was only a cameo, though - Depth Charge did not play any role in the story at all.

Additional Depth Charge Resources

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