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Blackarachnia Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Blackarachnia.
Name Blackarachnia
Japanese Name Black Widow
Japanese Number D-8
Faction Predacons
Function Double Agent

Moving like a venomous shadow under a midnight moon, Blackarachnia is an evil temptress posing as a Predacon double agent! Capable of converting thermal energy into poisonous cybervenom, she lures Maximals into her darkened den and then stuns them by firing a poison-tipped missile! After restraining them in her powerful legs, she then sinks her fangs into their armor to suck their life-force dry.

Tech Specs chart for Blackarachnia.
Strength 5 Intelligence 7
Speed 9 Endurance 5
Rank 6 Courage 7
Firepower 4 Skill 7

Blackarachnia Images

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Blackarachnia BWdeluxeS1Blackarachnia

Blackarachnia Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1996
Wave Beast Wars Deluxe Wave 2
MSRP $9.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Beast Wars Tarantulas , Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Predacon Tarantulas , Universe Halloween Horrorcons Blackarachnia (Unreleased) , Beast Wars Japan Tarans , Beast Wars Japan Black Widow , Beast Wars Telemocha Black Widow

Blackarachnia Parts List

Blackarachnia toy parts information.
Figure Type Spider/Arachnid
Figure Color Black
Missle Launcher Purple
Missle Yellow/Gold

Additional Blackarachnia parts info:
4 x missiles (spider legs)
1 x missile launcher

Blackarachnia Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Blackarachnia in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Venus Terzo

Cartoon Overview
A sultry femme fatale, Blackarachnia is smart, sexy, and dangerous. She's got eight legs, and she knows how to use them. Of the several rebellious Predacons under Megatron's command, she's one of the very few who can, on occasion, outguile him. Always looking out for Number One, Blackarachnia values her independence and freedom above all else. She would rather be deactivated than be a slave.

Blackarchnia's greatest weakness, other than her overconfidence, is her feelings for the Maximal Silverbolt. Something about his heroic demeanor and the kindness he shows her makes her uneasy. She hasn't experienced unconditional love before, and it scares her, though she'll never admit it.


Beast Wars
08 Double Jeopardy
09 A Better Mousetrap
10 Gorilla Warfare
11 The Probe
12 Victory
13 Dark Designs
15 The Spark
16 The Trigger Part One
17 The Trigger Part Two
18 Spiders Game
19 Call of the Wild
21 Possession
22 The Low Road
23 Law of the Jungle
24 Before the Storm
25 Other Voices Part One
26 Other Voices Part Two
27 Aftermath
28 Coming of the Fuzors Part One
29 Coming of the Fuzors Part Two
30 Tangled Web
31 Maximal No More
32 Other Visits Part One
33 Other Visits Part Two
34 Bad Spark
35 Code of Hero
37 The Agenda Part One
38 The Agenda Part Two
39 The Agenda Part Three
40 Optimal Situation
41 Deep Metal
42 Changing of the Guard
43 Cutting Edge
44 Feral Scream Part One
45 Feral Scream Part Two
46 Proving Grounds
47 Go with the Flow
48 Crossing the Rubicon

Additional Blackarachnia Resources

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