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B'Boom Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy B'Boom.
Name B'Boom
Japanese Name Apache
Japanese Number C-12
Faction Maximals
Function Guerilla Warfare Specialist

A guerrilla warfare tactical expert, B'Boom is one of the fiercest and most unpredictable of the Maximals. Though hard to control and often driven by a temporary fury that sends him speeding up and down trees, his focus while in battle is easily apparent by the savage fire in his eyes. Dexterous, brave, and clever, B'Boom is fiercest while in mega artillery attack mode, a state in which his arsenal is as fully loaded and function as a battle emplacement. His favorite weapon, a launcher hidden within his mouth, deploys pulse missiles that detonate but do not burn - leaving his best weapon, the wilderness, unharmed.

Tech Specs chart for B'Boom.
Strength 8 Intelligence 7
Speed 6 Endurance 7
Rank 7 Courage 9
Firepower 9 Skill 6

B'Boom Images

B'Boom BWmegaS2BBoom

B'Boom Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1997
Wave Beast Wars Mega Wave 3
MSRP $14.99
Size Class Mega
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Beast Wars Second Apache , Lucky Draw Apache Custom Color Version

B'Boom Parts List

B'Boom toy parts information.
Figure Type Ape/Monkey
Figure Color Blue
Missle Launcher Yellow/Gold
Missle Blue

Additional B'Boom Resources

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