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Airazor Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Airazor.
Name Airazor
Japanese Name Airazor
Japanese Number C-10
Faction Maximals
Function Aerial Recon

An aerial reconnaissance expert, Airazor's optical matrix scanners can detect Predacon ground movement from 30,000 feet. Internal radar transmitters then relay data to fellow Maximals, complete with 3-D virtual reality maps detailing enemy location. Cyberblades located within wings open for attack mode. And although (the) photon cannon concealed beneath tail is her weapon of choice in robot mode, she prefers attacking Predacons with her armor slashing, titanium-plated talons!

Tech Specs chart for Airazor.
Strength 4 Intelligence 7
Speed 9 Endurance 5
Rank 6 Courage 7
Firepower 4 Skill 7

Airazor Images

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Airazor BWbasicS2Airazor
Airazor AirazorvideoBW

Airazor Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1997
Wave Beast Wars Basic Wave 3
MSRP $4.99
Size Class Basic
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Beast Wars Airazor (VHS Video Pack) , Beast Wars Japan Airazor

Airazor Parts List

Airazor toy parts information.
Figure Type Bird
Figure Color Brown/Tan
Gun Yellow/Gold

Airazor Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Airazor in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Pauline Newstone

Cartoon Overview
Primarily used for recon and surveillance due to her aerial alternate mode, Airazor's talents are a great asset to the Maximal cause. She's calm and confident, but also adventurous and brave, with a healthy supply of dry humor. Her aerial skill in either mode, incredibly sharp eyesight and steady aim make her a dangerous opponent.

Due to the circumstances of her "birth," she sees Rhinox as something of a uncle-figure and Cheetor as the sibling she never had. She devotes most of her efforts, however, to taming the wild yet gentle Tigatron. She shares his love for the beautiful planet on which the Maximals are stranded, and it is on this planet where their destiny will be forever intertwined.


Beast Wars
15 The Spark
16 The Trigger Part One
17 The Trigger Part Two
18 Spiders Game
19 Call of the Wild
21 Possession
22 The Low Road
24 Before the Storm
25 Other Voices Part One
26 Other Voices Part Two
27 Aftermath
28 Coming of the Fuzors Part One
32 Other Visits Part One
50 Other Victories - Closure

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