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Grimwing Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Grimwing.
Name Grimwing
Faction Predacons

The most honorable warrior among the Predacons, Grimwing seeks glory through chivalrous combat with a worthy foe!

Signature Weapon: Blackbeak

* Semi-intelligent companion to Grimwing. Does not always offer the best advice.
* Fires a powerful claw that grips and crushes targets.
* Can fly and fight independent of Grimwing.

Tech Specs chart for Grimwing.
Strength 10 Intelligence 9
Speed 8 Endurance 10
Rank 9 Courage 10
Firepower 9 Skill 9

Grimwing Images

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Grimwing A2409-GRIMWING-Robot-Mode_1360455680
Grimwing A2409-GRIMWING-Beast-Mode_1360455680

Grimwing Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date May 2013 (May 2013)
Wave Beast Hunters Voyager Wave 3
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # A1978
Product # A2409
Recolors / Reuses Transformers Go! Budora , Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Dark Steel

Grimwing Parts List

Grimwing toy parts information.
Figure Type Dragon
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Missle Launcher Grey/Silver
Missle Green

Additional Grimwing parts info:
Comes with "Grapple Launcher"

Additional Grimwing Resources

Alternate mode is a griffin.

Tales of the Beast Hunters - Chapter Fifteen

The higher he soars into the unfamiliar sky, the more his mind clears. Grimwing remembers his time in the Hyperevolution Chamber. He remembers the "lessons" fed directly into his brain by Shockwave. But he also knows there must be more to the world into which he has been reborn, and he is determined to discover it. That's when his highly sensitive optics spot a Cybertronian signature on the ground below. Judging by the size and power of the stranger, he knows it must be a brother warrior - a kindred spirit. "Yes! Fight!" screeches Blackbeak, but Grimwing shakes his head. "No. We seek knowledge, not battle. For now," he says, and banks, descending towards the distant stranger.

Contributors: Sol Fury, Bulkhead

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