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Shockwave Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Shockwave.
Name Shockwave
Faction Decepticons

The cunning and brutal Decepticon scientist Shockwave plans to clone an unstoppable Predacon army!

Signature Weapon: Hyperflux Cannon
* Spinning panels gather ambient cosmic energy to power blast.
* Missiles create miniature black holes on impact, totally destroying any target.
* Energy collection vortex also creates a heat shield around Shockwave that deflects incoming fire.

Tech Specs chart for Shockwave.
Strength 9 Intelligence 10
Speed 3 Endurance 8
Rank 8 Courage 9
Firepower 10 Skill 10

Shockwave Images

Shockwave A1978-SHOCKWAVE-Robot-Mode-a_1360455680
Shockwave A1978-SHOCKWAVE-Beast-Mode-a_1360455680

Shockwave Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date March 2013 (March 2013)
Wave Beast Hunters Voyager Wave 2
MSRP $22.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # A1978
UPC / Barcode 653569815259
Recolors / Reuses Transformers Go Shockwave , AGC 2013 Shockwave (Shockwave's Lab) , SDCC 2013 Shockwave (Shockwave's Lab)
More Toy Info The red spikey armor sections can be removed for a more show-accurate appearance.

Shockwave Parts List

Shockwave toy parts information.
Figure Type Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Purple
Body Armor Red/Pink
Missle Launcher Purple
Missle Red/Pink

Additional Shockwave parts info:
Comes with spinning "Hyperflux Launcher" and snap-on "Beast Armor"

Shockwave Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Shockwave in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor David Sobolov

Cartoon Overview
Decepticon scientist and one of the few Transformers to remain behind on Cybertron after eons of war had left the world all but uninhabitable. Shockwave is first seen in a flashback in the episode Out of the Past. Captured by Starscream, Arcee and Cliffjumper are brought before Shockwave to be interrogated, so that the Decepticons could obtain a decryption code for an Autobot transmission they had intercepted. Shockwave had an impressive selection of methods to extract information but chose a logical and direct approach - a cortical psychic patch, which he had invented.

Another technology Shockwave had successfully rediscovered in his time on Cybertron was the Spacebridge. After untold years of research he had built a working Spacebridge to allow him and the other Decepticons to move on to new conquests - such as the promise of the Energon-rich Earth. However before he could take advantage of the Spacebridge he was thrawted by Arcee and Cliffjumper, who overloaded the Spacebridge. Shockwave pursued the Autobots into the vortex, but Arcee was able to hit Shockwave's one weak spot, his eye, and he did not emerge from the other end of the Spacebridge.

While Shockwave's fate at this time is unknown, he is to play a major role in the third season of Transformers Prime, Beast Hunters, and the creation of the Predacon third faction.

Shockwave is physically perhaps the second most powerful Decepticon next to Megatron himself. Conventional energy beams merely bounce off of his body, and he is capable of unleashing his own powerful attacks from his gun arm. He is a sadistic torturer nearly as disliked by other Decepticons like Starscream as he is feared by the Autobots. His sole physical weakness is his single eye - a well-placed shot can scramble Shockwave's targeting and render him vulnerable.

Additional Shockwave Resources

Tales of the Beast Hunters - Chapter Eleven

With Megatron gone missing, Shockwave makes the decision to end his Predacon cloning program. A force of Predacons, united under Predaking could spell doom for the Decepticons as well as the Autobots. He is in the middle of shutting down his Hyperevolution laboratory when he spots an Autobot spy hiding in the shadows among the still-occupied chambers. A plan forms in his precise and brilliant mind: Destroy the Autobot and the lab, and lay the blame for the annihilation of the cloning program at the feet of Optimus Prime and his soldiers. Such an event would drive Predaking into a rage that would doubtless utterly consume the Autobots in its fury.

Contributors: Sol Fury, AutobotMirage, thelastson82, flywheels

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