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Smokescreen Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Smokescreen.
Name Smokescreen
Faction Autobots

This Autobot trickster strikes quickly, then disappears in a black puff of magnetic smoke!

Signature weapon: Electronet Launcher
* Generates a shadow field that makes Smokescreen very hard to see or target.
* Delivers powerful Bio-Electric shocks to enemies.
* Can also be used as an electrified axe.

Tech Specs chart for Smokescreen.
Strength 5 Intelligence 8
Speed 8 Endurance 6
Rank 7 Courage 9
Firepower 7 Skill 8

Smokescreen Images

Smokescreen HAS22489
Smokescreen 255573_411197232262698_119150468_n
Smokescreen 90a7n4
Smokescreen 2dufgv5
Smokescreen 15zoqr
Smokescreen 4kgs3n
Smokescreen 332pi0x
Smokescreen HAS22489
Smokescreen A16280000_653569815167_pkg_12

Smokescreen Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date February 2013 (February 2013)
Wave Beast Hunters Deluxe Wave 2
MSRP $14.99
Size Class Deluxe
Suggested Age 5+
Recolors / Reuses Transformers Go! Hunter Smokescreen , Beast Hunters Prowl , Subscription Service Barricade

Smokescreen Parts List

Smokescreen toy parts information.
Figure Type Car
Figure Color White
Body Armor Blue
Missle Launcher Blue
Missle Grey/Silver

Additional Smokescreen parts info:
Comes with "Electronet Launcher" and "Shadow Quill Armor"

Smokescreen Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Smokescreen in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Nolan North

Cartoon Overview
Smokescreen is a typical rookie Autobot warrior - eager to please, awed at the idea of fighting alongside Optimus Prime, and entirely undisciplined in a firefight - his debut battle alongside the Autobots was nearly a disaster, thanks to a stray blast of his setting off an Energon leak from the capsule that brought him to Earth.

On Cybertron, Smokescreen was a trainee of the Autobot Elite Guard, although from the last days of the war after the Elite Guard had lost a lot of its prestige. Although eager to fight Decepticons, Smokescreen was tasked with guarding the Iacon Hall of Records and Alpha Trion, until the day when the Decepticons took him prisoner on breaching the Hall of Records. Smokescreen escaped captivity on a Decepticon transport in a long-distance stasis pod. He claims to have learned a lot from his time in the Hall of Records including knowledge of how Alpha Trion was the one to convince the Autobot High Council to name Orion Pax as the next Prime. It was a casual mention of this fact that led Optimus Prime to consider Smokescreen trustworthy and bring him back to the base.

Smokescreen immediately did not gel well with the Autobot team. A rookie unaccustomed to following orders, his attitude rubbed both Arcee and Ratchet the wrong way. That he was in Bulkhead's eyes seemingly being brought in to replace him while he was still injured caused further friction between Smokescreen and the rest of the team. However Smokescreen proved his worth through his knowledge of the Iacon relics and their application, using the Phase Shifter to deprive Starscream of his Apex Armor, even if Starscream was still able to escape with a rare mineral he was seeking, Red Energon. In the battles that followed, Smokescreen would play a role in securing the Omega Keys for the Autobots - one of which he unknowingly carried within him, leading to his capture by the Decepticon Soundwave and a subsequent daring escape from the Decepticon warship.

Smokescreen took part in the final battles of Season 2, before departing through the groundbridge for parts unknown once it became clear that the Autobot base was lost.

Additional Smokescreen Resources

The packaging refers to Smokescreen's armor as "Shadow Quill Armor", potentially a reference to how Transformers Prime Smokescreen knew Alpha Trion, the wielder of the Quill.

The bio's reference to "magnetic smoke" refers to an ability used by Generation 1 Smokescreen.

Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter Ten

With Bumblebee injured and Bulkhead near total shutdown, it's up to Smokescreen to discover where these new and dangerous Predacons are coming from. Luckily, the Autobot trickster is also a capable spy, and soon he finds himself creeping through the shadows of a remote Decepticon lab. At first, he thinks the place is abandoned. Then he discovers a room lined with large glass chambers, each one filled with a strange, murky liquid, and the vague outline of a beastly machine. Satisfied that he's discovered exactly what Optimus Prime needs to know, he turns to leave, only to find Shockwave blocking his way. "You should not have come here," the Decepticon scientist says, raising his laser cannon.

Contributors: Sol Fury, Ace Convoy, juise, AutobotMirage, cybernaut

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