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Megatron (Cybertron Mode)

The Allspark will be mine, and Cybertron will tremble at my feet.

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Tech Specs

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Base information for character / toy Megatron (Cybertron Mode).
Name Megatron
Faction Decepticons
Function Decepticon Tyrant
Motto The Allspark will be mine, and Cybertron will tremble at my feet.

Back at Cybertron, when it is late at night, and very dark, robots tell each other stories of the war. They spin stories about the deeds of Megatron, and though robots don't feel cold, the listeners shiver. The only ones who don't enjoy a scary Megatron story are the old ones, the ones who were there. These old Autobots remember the real Megatron. Many of them bear scars sustained in the heat of his fusion canons, or dents delivered by his powerful swords. To those old robots, Megatron is no monster, he is a warrior so vicious and terrible that monsters pale in comparison.

* No known weaknesses.
* Scientific, strategic and engineering genius.
* Fusion cannon can disintegrate up to 40 feet of solid steel.

This page contains information only on the toy for Transformers Animated Megatron (Cybertron Mode). The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Megatron (Cybertron Mode).

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Images

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Megatron (Cybertron Mode) megrobsm
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Animated-Megatron
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Animated-Megatron-2
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) CybMegalt
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) CybMegbot
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) mgbx
Megatron (Cybertron Mode) megboxint

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date June 2008 (June 2008)
Wave Animated Voyager Wave 1
MSRP $19.99
Size Class Voyager
Suggested Age 5+
Assortment # 83463
Product # 83470
UPC / Barcode 653569293705
DPCI # 087-06-0087
Recolors / Reuses Animated Japan Megatron

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Parts List

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) toy parts information.
Figure Type Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Missle Red/Pink

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Review

-Submitted by: Galvason

One Tuesday afternoon, I'm in Birchels (A Tasmaian Book store) I was looking at a voice control Dalek, and then I saw it. A shelf, filled with and dedicated to, Transformers Animated! Moving so fast I nearly bowled over a stray woman, i was over at that stand, There was the entire wave 1, but I had only eyes for one figure, Cybertron Mode Megatron. There were two of him there, so i took one and paid. And (yes i know never to start a sentence with "and" but anyway) that is how this fine figure came into my collection.

This is a gooood box, in the shape of the Animated logo, on the front, there is a picture of Megatron, and on the side theres a strange call out "Megatron wields his fearsome Fusion Blade. Fusion BLADE?! Yeah, the box seems to really think Megatron's massive Fusion cannon can turn into a sword, it cant, and even though he used a sword in the cartoon, it didn't come from his cannon, and it was just a regular sword. Something Animated packaging has that, as far as i know, no other packaging has is a "Galactic Powers and abilities" section, and according to this, Megatron has no known weakness and is a scientific, strategic and enginering genius. Also according to this, and I really like this one, his Fusion Cannon, can allegedly disintegrate up to 40 feet of solid steal! Do yourselves a favour, don't piss this guy off.

Fusion Fighter Mode:
Thats what the box calls this mode. It looks awful, the top is to high, the fusion cannon has become an engine, theres no detailing, its not show accurate, the list of its faults goes on.

Now spin it around.

NOW things are getting good, I am sure it was made to go like this: not only is the fusion cannon still a cannon, but its level is right too, lower too the ground and stuff, this is the front as far as I am concerned. It looks really nice, and it looks almost insect like, with learing red eyes and antennae, get him and spin it and you'll understand. Theres some "landing" gear underneath but he does not roll well without it deployed. Its not show accurate whichever way you spin it, but this way is more accurate that the "front" view. Its gonna score an 8/10, because of the goofy cockpit and lack or show accuracy.

Robot Mode:
This mode is really good, because, first off a GIANT cannon dominates his right arm. This cannon looks really good, can be posed on top of or under his arm, though you have to bend at the elbow slightly for pose with it on top, but you hardly notice and it makes no difference, He has clear red fingers, which look a bit silly, but otherwise he looks cool as far as that is concerned. he has great articulation, bends at the knees, elbows. swivels at the shoulders, elbows and wrists, feet are slightly articulated due to the transformation. His legs swivel, head rotates 360 decrees, basically all the articulation you could want. Real stable, he can hold that fusion cannon with no trouble. Speaking of that massive cannon, it houses all his gimmicks, the first is a nice touch, a launching missile, which has a nice bulkhead on it. His cannon supposedly converts to a sword, but this is a lie, you can swing down a blade and another automorphs into position, but its not a sword, its a giant cannon, with a massive blade attached. what would have been cool was it the fusion cannon detached at the cockpit area, coming off with the blades and this could have been configured into a hand held sword, this would have made the cannon more show accurate and less heavy. His entire colour scheme is red, pearl gray, black and a really nice regal gold Deceptison insignia in the center of his chest, all Decepticons from animated seem to have these gold symbols, but i only think Megatron, as leader, should have one. I give this mode a full 10/10

Get this guy. Thats enough said, get mobile right now, and go get him, he's gonna appear in my stop motion, at the start, before he gets his earth mode. Its nice to see a Cybertron mode of him released, especially a voyager class one, with a lot of detail put into it, I highly recommend him, he is probably the best of wave one. He is my favourite character also so, that helps push his mark higher but he really does deserve this 10/10 I'm gonna give him, now that you've read this, go get him.

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Megatron (Cybertron Mode) in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Corey Burton

Cartoon Overview
MEGATRON is a fierce, unyielding despot who sees himself as a freedom fighter. He sees the DECEPTICONS as an oppressed race suffering under the tyranny of the AUTOBOTS. The DECEPTICONS must survive by any means necessary. He takes extreme pleasure in the suffering of even a single Autobot. And MEGATRON does not care at all for the collateral damage known as humans who might happen to stand in his way. He has the zeal of a fanatic and demands the unquestioning loyalty of those who serve him.

Robot Mode Power: MEGATRON begins the series with only one power: the power to lie and manipulate Sumdac to repair and reconstruct him. Over time, the MEGATRON head will develop into a powerful psychokinetic who can control any machine. While the Cybertronian minds are too advanced to succumb to this ability, MEGATRON can control virtually any robot on Earth and the automated plants that construct them. In addition to this power, MEGATRONís eventual robot body will be equipped with an assortment of laser cannons, sonic missiles and pulse blasters.

Vehicle Mode Appearance: Helicopter Gunship.

Transformers Animated
01 Transform and Roll Out Part 1

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Comic Book Information

IDW Overview

Megatron (Cybertron Mode) idw Megatron (in Cybertron mode) is used as a part of an extremely tough Autobot academy training program, it is revealed in Animated: The Arrival issue #5. As of Optimus Prime's days in the academy, no Autobot has managed to overcome the simulation, and few even manage to last as long as Optimus does.

Additional Megatron (Cybertron Mode) Resources

Contributors: Sol Fury, Tim Formas, Galvason

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