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Optimus Prime

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Optimus Prime Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Optimus Prime.
Name Optimus Prime
Japanese Name Convoy
Faction Autobots
Function Commander
Motto Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest and wisest of all Autobots. Feels his role is the protection of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime...the brain center known as the Commander; 2) Roller, the Autobot scout car...a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) Autobot Headquarters...the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.

Tech Specs chart for Optimus Prime.
Strength 10 Intelligence 10
Speed 8 Endurance 10
Rank 10 Courage 10
Firepower 8 Skill 10
This page contains information only on the toy for 1992 G2 Transformers Optimus Prime. The character has a single page where all additional information (comics & cartoon info, etc) is listed. To view that page, click here: Primary Entry for Optimus Prime.

Optimus Prime Images

Optimus Prime primerm
Optimus Prime LeaderOptimusPrime

Optimus Prime Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1992
Assortment # 80034.130
UPC / Barcode 0 38976 80034 8 , 5 023117 091322
Recolors / Reuses Generation 1 Optimus Prime , Jafcon Black Convoy , New Year's Convoy , Music Label Ipod Docking Station Convoy
More Toy Info Black trailer w/ new side decals, dark blue Roller, spring loaded missile launchers, electronic sound box that attaches to front of trailer.

Optimus Prime Parts List

Optimus Prime toy parts information.
Figure Type Truck
Figure Color Red/Pink
Fist / Forearm Blue
Gun Black
Hose Black
Missle Launcher Black
Missle Red/Pink
Other Black

Additional Optimus Prime parts info:
Other - black gas pump and nozel, x4 small black missiles, x4 long red missiles, x2 black missile launchers

Optimus Prime Review

-Submitted by: Joe Moore

Transformers G2 Optimus Prime
Release Date: 1993
Generation: G2
Faction: Autobot
Function: Commander

Tech Spec:
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.

Optimus Prime is the largest, strongest, and wisest of all Autobots. His role is to protect all life in the fight to defeat the Decepticons. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) Optimus Prime... the brain center known as the Commander. 2) Roller, the Autobot scout car... a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away, and 3) Autobot Headquarters... the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.

Optimus Prime was re-released in 1993 for the start of the Generation 2 line. With this new line came new packaging. The box is a huge window box with large artwork on the left. The box is black with yellow and red type.

Once opened, the inner packing differs greatly from the original release. Instead of styrofoam, the figure is twist tied to a card board base. Weapons and accessories are sealed to the base via plastic bubbles. One would have to be very careful when removing those items if they would want to place the figure back in the box for display later.

The G2 release of Optimus Prime comes with all of the accessories of the original release, as well as a few extras. This included the cab/figure, the trailer, Roller, fuel pump with the nozzle and hose, his laser rifle, two rocket launchers with missiles and a sound box.

The first thing most people will notice is a huge sound box that can mount to the front of the trailer. This box had a couple sounds as well as a poor impersonation of the Optimus voice.

Also newly included were two rocket launchers with oversized missiles. The launchers could be held by Optimus or attached to the sound box when in vehicle mode.

The additional pieces are a nice addition of new pieces, especially the added artillery.

Vehicle Mode:
When in vehicle mode, the Optimus figure itself looks very similar to his G1 counterpart. Though, when side-by-side, it is easy to see some paint color differences on the blue legs.

The trailer, on the other hand, is now all black instead of the flat gray of the original.The sticker on the side of the trailer is also different, as it's bright red with the name Optimus Prime sprawled along the side in white and blue. As said earlier, the sound box can attach to the front and hold the rocket launchers for mobile assault.

Overall the figure looks excellent in vehicle mode. It makes a nice stark contrast to the original when both completed vehicle modes are displayed together.

Base Mode (Trailer):
The trailer opens up to reveal a nice little base of operations for Optimus or many other figures. The trailer splits right down the middle, opens up to reveal Roller as well as a cannon with a cockpit (a leftover from the Diaclone original). Stickers help show off the computerized look of the base, and Roller can be shot down the ramp by a spring loaded launcher.

Unfortunately, this mode doesn't come off as nice as the original. With the trailer now in black, there is a stark contrast with the stickers that makes the whole thing appear a bit gaudy. Without the stickers, it does look a bit nicer though.

Robot Mode:
Transformation to robot mode is quite simple. Pull the legs down, pull out the feet, pull out the arms, flip the head and attach the fists. It's simple and clever, as the various truck pieces act convincingly as robot parts.

Optimus is made up of a red upper torso and arms, with blue being used on the head, legs and hands. some silver, gray and stickers help to give more detail and definition to the figure. It's a very classic color scheme, that has been mimicked throughout the years by almost every Optimus Prime since the original.

In robot mode, Optimus has some limited articulation. He can rotate his arms at the shoulder joints, as well as bend them at the elbow. Due to the nature of the removable fists, his wrists can rotate as well. Also due to the transformation scheme, his legs can bend back, but can also bend at the knees. It is limited, but slightly above average for the time from which this figure came.

The G2 release of Optimus Prime is a great addition to any collection. He is usually less expensive to acquire than the original releases, and looks great in most of his modes. The only drawback to the figure, though minor, is that the plastic quality is noticeably lower than the original. Otherwise it's an excellent re-release.

Grade: A

Additional Optimus Prime Resources

The European release of Generation 2 Optimus Prime had a slightly different bio (and totally different motto) to his American release:

Optimus Prime
Function: Autobot Leader

"Even one Decepticon is one too many!"

Optimus Prime is the supreme leader of the Autobots. He has an intellect that matches his impressive size, and unequalled personal resources including: The Commander - the brain center who leads the Autobots; Scout Car - for spy missions against the Decepticons; and Autobot Headquarters - an armed combat deck with a robot for servicing and attack operations. Optimus Prime is the best equipped of all Autobots.

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, flywheels, Ktulu, kenucme, Sol Fury

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