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I like the sea far away and my feet on the ground.

Broadside Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Broadside.
Name Broadside
Japanese Name Broadside
Japanese Number C-85
Faction Autobots
Subgroup Triple Changer
Function Air & Sea Assault
Motto I like the sea far away and my feet on the ground.

Doesn't like transforming into carrier or jet - gets seasick on water, has fear of heights. Effective, valiant warrior, but other Autobots wish he wouldn't gripe so much. Expands to 1200 ft. length as carrier, capable of landing jets and carrying other Autobots. 15,000 mile range, 40 knots maximum speed. Projects 80,000 volt electric field around himself in jet mode. Has high-energy plasma-pulse gun and shattering vibro-ax in robot mode.

Tech Specs chart for Broadside.
Strength 8 Intelligence 8
Speed 9 Endurance 8
Rank 6 Courage 9
Firepower 7 Skill 7

Broadside Images

Broadside transformers-g1-0264
Broadside broadside
Broadside transformers-g1-0265
Broadside transformers-g1-0266
Broadside transformers-g1-0267
Broadside broadside
Broadside broadside_multi-mode
Broadside instr_broadside

Broadside Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1986
Assortment # Triple Changers Assortment 2 (#5736) , Triple Changers w/poster (#5736.08)
Product # 5942 , 5942.08
Per Case 3 , 3

Broadside Parts List

Broadside toy parts information.
Figure Type Boat , Plane/Spaceship
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Grey/Silver
Missle Grey/Silver
Other Grey/Silver

Additional Broadside parts info:
1 gray plasma-pulse gun, 1 gray vibro-axe, 2 gray missiles

Broadside Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Broadside in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Bill Martin

Generation 1
67 Five Faces of Darkness Part Two
68 Five Faces of Darkness Part Three
71 The Killing Jar
76 Thief In The Night
82 Carnage In C-Minor
90 Grimlocks New Brain
93 The Burden Hardest to Bear

Additional Broadside Resources

Contributors: Tony_Bacala, Harold Tietjens, J.E. Alvarez, The Hartmans, Destro, ams, Broadside, Runamuck; trebleshot

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