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Only in war is there happiness.

Snarl Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Snarl.
Name Snarl
Japanese Name Snarl
Japanese Number 29
Faction Autobots
Subgroup Dinobot
Function Desert Warrior
Motto Only in war is there happiness.

An unhappy loner of few words and fewer opinions. Finds joy only in battle. Hates his Dinobot form, longs to return to Cybertron. Large golden plates on spinal assembly are solar collectors... strength increases tenfold in sunlight. Tail can shatter 20 foot concrete cube. Armored hide resists most missiles. Vulnerable to nighttime attacks due to his weaker state. Slow... uncooperative nature hinders others from helping him.

Tech Specs chart for Snarl.
Strength 9 Intelligence 6
Speed 3 Endurance 9
Rank 4 Courage 8
Firepower 1 Skill 4

Snarl Images

Snarl transformers-g1-0089
Snarl snarl
Snarl transformers-g1-0090
Snarl transformers-g1-0091
Snarl instr_snarl
Snarl snarl1
Snarl snarl2

Snarl Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1985
Assortment # Dinobots Assortment1 (#5770) , Dinobots Assortment2 (#5771)
Product # 5974F
Per Case 3 , 2
Recolors / Reuses Generation 2 Snarl (Grey) , Generation 2 Snarl (Green) , Generation 2 Snarl (Red)

Snarl Parts List

Snarl toy parts information.
Figure Type Dinosaur
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Black
Missle Launcher Black
Missle Black
Sword Red/Pink

Snarl Review

-Submitted by: CyclopianVision

Snarl 1985
"Only in war is there happiness."
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Dinobots
Function:: Desert Warrior
1st cartoon appearance: War Of The Dinobots
1st comics appearance: Transformers #8
Precursor: Diaclone

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 6
Speed: 3
Endurance: 9
Rank: 4
Courage: 8
Firepower: 1
Skill: 4

Notable Cartoon Moments
Pre-movie: Was built by Wheeljack, Ratchet and Chip Chase to take down the three original Dinobots and save Optimus Prime in War Of The Dinobots.
Post-movie: None.

Alternate Mode: Stegosaurus Dinosaur
Colors: Front half of dino body is grey with a gold head contained within translucent smoky plastic (eyes are red). Front legs are entirely gold chrome. Upper half of back legs are grey, ankle/shin area is translucent smoky plastic and then the feet are gold. Rear half of body is red chrome. Tail and back plates are gold.
Stickers: A bunch (most of any Dinobot) and they mostly represent his circuitry.

As a group, the Dinobots were fan favorites. However, of the bunch I liked Snarl the least. When the Dinobots were portrayed in the cartoon, Grimlock got most of the face time, followed by Swoop and then Slag, Sludge and Snarl bringing up the rear. Most everyone was comedic relief but Grimlock had his moments as the leader.

Unlike Slag, Snarl doesn?t make for a terribly realistic dinosaur. The grey body is a nice imitation of the leathery grey color you would expect a dinosaur to have yet with a smooth texture akin to a robot in disguise. The circuitry stickers are a nice touch but there?s a lot of them?seems to be a little overdone and takes away from the overall look a little bit. A lot of Snarl?s body is gold chrome and it does look nice, especially with the light glinting off of it. In the cartoon, Snarl was at his most powerful when drawing in energy from the sun.

The translucent plastic with the gold detailing as his head works nicely; especially because he actually has eyes in this mode (unlike Slag). His proportions seem a little off?although I could be wrong since his image has been pieced together via his bones. The back plates increase in size as you go up his body, peak, and then decrease as you move towards his tail which is accurate. His length seems to be a little compressed however and his tail is definitely way shorter than it should be. The plates continue down his tail but there?s no spikes like Stegasaurus?s have at the end.

In terms of articulation, there really is none. He does have ankle and hip articulation for all four of his legs. It really doesn?t make a difference as there?s not many ways to pose him.

Snarl?s pretty much dead-on to his cartoon counterpart. The only differences would be the translucent face and ankles. Generally in the show, the Dinobots were larger and more powerful than most of the other Autobots and he just about fits the scale.

You can attach his rocket launcher in this mode to a socket in his rear legs in this mode as well.

Buyer?s Beware: Some of the weaknesses of the mold are obviously the chrome. The gold chrome (which is extensively used) tends to blacken with age, flake and lose its luster. Snarl?s fists are hidden within his rear legs in the translucent plastic area. There?s a little plastic tab which is expected (yet doesn?t) to prevent his fists (propelled by springs) from popping out. A lot of times, the tabs are broken or the area?s just so loose that the fists always pop out. Snarl?s legs tend to be notoriously loose as well and sometimes his head has a hard time staying together.

Alternate Mode Rating: 8

He looks great. Being G1, I?m overlooking the lack of articulation but you have some options of posing him if your rear legs cooperate. He loses some points due to the proportions being a little off. A longer and spiky tail would have been nice. He also seems a little compressed length-wise. The excessive use of gold chrome however looks sweet (if you can get one with nice chrome). The stupid springy fists are also a huge issue and bring down the alt. mode?s rating!

Transformation to robot mode:
Start off by pulling his rear out. Pull out the front legs and swing them into the indented slots on the sides (nice little feature). Split his dino head into two halves. Pull his front half apart slightly and swing them around to form his bot feet. Pull the rear legs out slightly and swing them around 180 degrees. If the fists haven?t popped out by now?naw?they probably popped out by now. Split his tail in half. Grab his back plates and lift it up/back. Now while it?s up, push his bot head out from behind and lock it into place. Swing his scales down behind his head. Twist him around to get him oriented right. Pull his legs out horizontally to get his hips and then push down on his legs to get them perpendicular.

Robot Mode:
Colors: Gold feet, fat grey ankles/shins and skinny black thighs. Grey arms and black fists. Red upper body with a clear chest (Diaclone cockpit which opens). Black head, red eyes, silver forehead and silver face.

In terms of show accuracy, Snarl disappoints somewhat. His head sculpt is a little off but close.

The biggest eyesores are basically the parts they just couldn?t find a way to hide during the transformation process. His dino head halves kind of just hang off his knee area. To make matters worse, his dino rear feet kind of just hang off his wrist area. Seems like an obese person splitting at the seams. The rear feet also make posing his robot form a bit difficult as it looks ridiculous when you raise his arms to have something dangling off them.

He suffers from the same large feet/shins and chicken legs syndrome as the other quadpedal Dinobots. His arms are a little larger than Slag?s but still pretty damn tiny. His waist is hella small as well. His body shape is essentially Pamela Anderson on steroids. His chest is huge as are his shoulders and biceps and then his wrists, arms, waists and thighs are toothpicks. And his head looks like it got shrunken due to some black magic.

I do like the way they set up the transformation for his back plates and also his tail. His tail splits in two and peeks out from behind his chest and shoulders. It gives him a rather menacing and imposing set of wings. Or they look like tusks growing out of his back.

His Diaclone cockpit is the translucent part of his chest.

Like the other Dinos, Snarl comes with a missile launcher (black), 3 missiles (grey), a sword (red) and a cannon rifle (electron cannon). He looks good with the sword but the cannon is a tad oversized.

Buyer?s Beware: Nothing additional in this mode that wasn?t mentioned previously.

Robot Mode Rating: 5

Snarl?s pretty much on the same level as Slag. Although Snarl does have some positive traits in his robot mode, his negative ones are eyesores and they don?t really balance out. The biggest problem would be the way his rear feet hang off his wrists?it further limits the already limited poseability of G1 figures.

Overall Rating: 6 (solo) solid 7 (with other Dinobots)

Much like Slag, Snarl?s cons outnumber his pros. The potential was there?it just wasn?t achieved. However, it?s hard to overlook that as a group, the Dinobots look amazing when together in their alternate modes. Plus they?re just so badass?

A Snarl in good shape is hard to find and they come at a premium. Slag and Sludge are probably the cheapest Dinobots followed by Snarl, Grimlock and Swoop. Again?it?s hard to recommend buying a figure when he?s this pricey. But the Dinobots were badasses and huge fan favorites. I doubt you?ll be disappointed when you have the set.

Like the other Dinos, Snarl just keeps getting pricier. A nice complete one (c8+/c9) will run you at least $50-55 (Again, you can get stuff cheaper if you?re patient but that?s general market value). My suggestion would be to be patient and try to get some of them on the cheap or as a cheap set. It can be done!

His transformation is probably the 2nd most challenging of all the Dinobots (Sludge narrowly beats him out for 1st) and you should be relatively satisfied. When he?s in near mint shape, he does look good in alternate mode, proportions be damned. Just know that you?ll most likely leave him transformed in his Stegosaurus mode for the time you own him.

Snarl Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Snarl in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Hal Rayle

Cartoon Overview
Snarl was constructed with Swoop by Wheeljack to stop Grimlock and the other Dinobots, who had temporarily gone rogue. Afterwards he was a fixture of the Dinobot group, except in Transformers the Movie, where he was noticeably absent.


Generation 1
10 War of the Dinobots
12 The Ultimate Doom Part Two
16 Heavy Metal War
24 Atlantis Arise
25 Day of the Machines
30 Dinobot Island Part One
31 Dinobot Island Part Two
37 Desertion of the Dinobots Part One
38 Desertion of the Dinobots Part Two
73 Dark Awakening
76 Thief In The Night
90 Grimlocks New Brain
91 The Call of the Primitives

Snarl Sounds

Dinobot MP3 Sounds - Grimlock Slag Sludge Snarl Swoop

Dinobots no fool around.mp3 (66.1 KB)
Dinobots_Disobey_Orders.mp3 (61.2 KB)
Dinobots_First_Words.mp3 (330.2 KB)
Dinobots_Which_Ones_Friends.mp3 (214.7 KB)
Grimlock Bossy Autobots.mp3 (427.3 KB)
Grimlock Bossy.mp3 (121.2 KB)
Grimlock Who Call My Name.mp3 (93.9 KB)
Grimlock feel like home.mp3 (87.8 KB)
Grimlock me say get rid of decepts.mp3 (76.3 KB)
Grimlock no destroy teletran 1.mp3 (89 KB)
Grimlock teletran 1 calls.mp3 (103.7 KB)
Grimlock ugly too.mp3 (78.4 KB)
Grimlock_BAAAD_Megatron.mp3 (51.8 KB)
Grimlock_Destroy_When_Say_Right.mp3 (113.5 KB)
Grimlock_Dinobots_Transform.mp3 (64.9 KB)
Grimlock_Love_Challenge.mp3 (49.8 KB)
Grimlock_Me_Grimlock.mp3 (41.6 KB)
Grimlock_Me_Stronger.mp3 (129.8 KB)
Grimlock_Name.mp3 (24.5 KB)
Grimlock_No.mp3 (11.8 KB)
Grimlock_Not_Planes_Decepticons.mp3 (60 KB)
Grimlock_Prime_Will_Be_Destroyed.mp3 (76.7 KB)
Grimlock_Yell_2.mp3 (45.7 KB)
Grimlock_You_Are_Weak.mp3 (91 KB)
Grimlock_You_Slag_Like_Fight.mp3 (73.5 KB)
Me_Grimlock_Must_Lead.mp3 (63.3 KB)
Slag_Me_Slag_Can_Fight.mp3 (45.7 KB)
Slag_Me_Want_Fight_Enemies.mp3 (93.1 KB)
Slag_No_Like_Querstions.mp3 (75.5 KB)
Slag_Yessss.mp3 (24.5 KB)
Sludge not see these before.mp3 (168.6 KB)
Sludge_Me_Not_Know_Too.mp3 (55.1 KB)
Sludge_Obey_Strongest_Leader.mp3 (176.3 KB)
Sludge_Yell.mp3 (34.7 KB)
Snarl_I_Am_Snarl.mp3 (69.4 KB)
Swoop_Call_Me_Swoop.mp3 (39.6 KB)
grimlock demonstrating finesse.mp3 (140 KB)
slag sludge do our thing.mp3 (140.4 KB)
slag_sludge_do_our_thing.mp3 (209.4 KB)

Snarl Comic Book Information

Marvel Overview

Snarl marvel Teletraan I, sensing the arrival of Shockwave in the Savage Land, revived the five Dinobots to fight him. Their dinosaur modes were created based on the Dinosaurs of the Savage Land. They only won a temporary victory against Shockwave, and were lost in the tar pits until revived by Ratchet. The Dinobots would then remain with the Autobots, until they were deactivated by an Underbase enhanced Starscream. This was not the end of the Dinobot's story, though, as they were recovered by Grimlock and revived with Nucleon, which also would eventually strip them of their ability to transform.

In Generation 2, this effect had either been purged from Snarl or because he had been deactivated at the time never manifested, as he is shown fighting alongside the rest of the Dinobots with no obvious ill effects.

Dreamwave Overview

Snarl dreamwave Snarl was initially a member of the Lightning Strike Coalition during the time period of the War Within. He spent most of the G1 miniseries in stasis, initially as a bargaining chip used by Megatron to ensure Grimlock's loyalty then later recovered by Grimlock. He was revived to participate in a battle with Shockwave's forces on Cybertron, where they remained with Ultra Magnus in the third volume.

IDW Overview

Snarl idw The Dynobots followed Shockwave to Earth in the Shockwave Spotlight issue. Assuming alternate modes more similar to Maximals than the mechanical Dinobots of old, they fought Shockwave to a standstill, until both Shockwave and the Dinobots were trapped. The human group, Skywatch, recovered both Shockwave and the Dinobots in the present day.

Additional Snarl Resources


Other Comics Information

Fun Publications

In this alternate follow-on to the Marvel Generation 1 continuity, Snarl is a part of Ultra Magnus' crew who journey to Earth to face Bug Bite. Snarl is in his Action Master form in this appearance, evidently having not purged himself of Nucleon. His Action Master partner, Tyrannitron, is mentioned but not seen.

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