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Among the winners, there is no room for the weak.

Grimlock Tech Specs

Base information for character / toy Grimlock.
Name Grimlock
Japanese Name Grimlock
Japanese Number 26
Faction Autobots
Subgroup Dinobot
Function Dinobot Commander
Motto Among the winners, there is no room for the weak.

Most fearsome and powerful Dinobot. Although dedicated to the Autobot cause, resents authority. Cold, merciless, but a valiant warrior. Has contempt for the weak, including all humans. Great strength, uses jaws to break almost anything in two. Carries energo sword and galaxial rocket launcher in Dinobot mode. Other than arrogance and lack of speed, has no real weakness.

Tech Specs chart for Grimlock.
Strength 10 Intelligence 7
Speed 3 Endurance 10
Rank 9 Courage 10
Firepower 8 Skill 10

Grimlock Images

Grimlock transformers-g1-0080
Grimlock grimlock
Grimlock transformers-g1-0081
Grimlock transformers-g1-0082
Grimlock instr_grimlock
Grimlock grimlock1
Grimlock grimlock2

Grimlock Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1985
Assortment # Dinobots Assortment1 (#5770) , Dinobots Assortment2 (#5771)
Product # 5971F
Per Case 3 , 2
Recolors / Reuses Generation 2 Grimlock (Gray) , Generation 2 Grimlock (Blue) , Generation 2 Grimlock (Turquoise)

Grimlock Parts List

Grimlock toy parts information.
Figure Type Dinosaur
Figure Color Grey/Silver
Gun Black
Missle Launcher Black
Missle Grey/Silver
Sword Red/Pink

Grimlock Review

-Submitted by: CyclopianVision

Grimlock 1985
"Among the winners there is no room for the weak."
Allegiance: Autobot
Sub-group: Dinobots
Function:: Dinobot Commander
1st cartoon appearance: S.O.S. Dinobots
1st comics appearance: Transformers #8
Precursor: Diaclone

Strength: 10
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 3
Endurance: 10
Rank: 9
Courage: 10
Firepower: 8
Skill: 10

Notable Cartoon Moments
Pre-movie: Grimlock mostly caused a lot of strife early on in the cartoon often rebelling against Prime over his compassion for the human?s plight. This came to a head in War of the Dinobots when Grimlock, Slag and Sludge captured and held Optimus Prime captive. It wasn?t until Prime saved Grimlock?s life that Grimlock realized the Autobots were friends.
Post-movie: Post-movie Grimlock?s intelligence severely regressed. However, in Grimlock?s New Brain he suddenly became smart while investigating Cybertronian tunnels. While in Unicron?s head, Grimlock created the Technobots (who merge into the gestalt Computron). He donated his newfound intelligence to his creation and went back to being stupid.

Alternate Mode: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Colors: Grey dino head with red eyes and grey teeth. Transparent smoky plastic neck with gold molding inside. Grey dino chest with silver chrome dino arms. Grey dino back and upper half of tail. Lower half of tail is silver chrome. Dino legs are grey with gold chrome toes (2 front, 1 back). Dino stomach is gold chrome. One area is transparent plastic. His Diaclone cockpit is on his back and is the smoky plastic.
Stickers: A bunch of stickers which represent his circuitry, takes away from the overall look a bit.

Grimlock?s probably the most popular of all the Dinobots (wasn?t mine but I think I?m in the minority). He got a lot of exposure in the cartoon pre and post movie (the only Dinobot really seen post-movie). Although after the movie, they portrayed him as an idiot only there for comedic relief.

Grimlock?s T-Rex mode is on point with relatively accurate proportions. The tail could have been a little longer but that?s being very nitpicky. The first thing you notice about Grimlock is the T-Rex head which is just as ferocious and menacing as you?d expect and desire. Especially with the teeth! The forearms are small and stubby with two digits like actual T-Rexes. Like the predominant theory in 1985, Grimlock was designed to be a tail-dragger. However, due to his articulation, you can pose him according to the new modern theory that T-Rexes run tilted forwards with their tail in the air.

He?s predominantly Dinobot grey. It?s a nice imitation of the leathery grey color you would expect a dinosaur to have yet with a smooth texture akin to a robot in disguise. There?s some chrome namely used for the neck (gold and within the translucent smoky plastic), stomach (gold), toes (gold), tail (silver) and arms (silver). When the chrome?s in good condition, it?s a nice striking contrast to the grey that?s found elsewhere. I personally think Grimlock?s got a few too many stickers in this mode. All the ?circuitry? takes away a little from the overall look.

Grimlock has some nice articulation for a 1985 figure. The head swivels from 0-45 degrees. The jaws open pretty wide and almost perpendicularly. Inside the mouth is a molded laser/blaster which is a nice little detail. There?s also a lot of molding detail on his face which adds a lot of character.

The dino arms rotate 360 degrees. They?re kinked at the elbow so that the arms are perpendicular. There?s no elbow articulation so you?re stuck in that ?I?m coming to tackle you? pose. The hips also rotate 360 degrees which gives you a little bit of freedom when posing him as I mentioned before either as a tail-dragger or tilted runner. Finally he has toe articulation as they can swivel from 0-90 degrees.

Show accuracy is pretty good here. Cartoon Grimlock had blue eyes. No other glaring differences. None of his accessories can be attached to this mode unlike Slag, Snarl and Swoop.

Buyer?s Beware: Grimlock is pretty sturdy. As mentioned above, there is a lot of chrome so obviously chrome-wear is a big issue. There aren?t any glaring weaknesses to this mold as there are with the other Dinobots. Legs may be a little loose especially at the ankle area (since the feet slide up to reveal his fist). On some toys the resistance just isn?t there to keep it from sliding up. Otherwise, Grimlock?s connected via many tabs (you?ll notice this in the transformation process), this doesn?t affect things too much in the dino mode but can in the robot mode. Sometimes they break although it?s generally not a problem in either mode transformation wise?sometimes it leads to a little looseness. Tabs connect the dino neck to the dino torso, hold together the halves of the dino torso, keep the dino/bot chest in place in both modes, and hold together the dino tail. The tail tabs may be the only problem in this mode as they tend to split.

Alternate Mode Rating: 10

The best dinosaur Dinobot mode by far! Easily the most articulated Dinobot in dinosaur mode; there just aren?t many flaws to Grimlock?s T-Rex mode. Since most fans display the Dinobots in dino mode, this is obviously a huge plus. With his mouth open and his jagged teeth on display, Grimlock makes for the most intimidating and fierce Dinobot. The proportions are in relatively in check and the detail to his dino head is superb. The gold chrome really adds to the overall look and separates him as the commanding Autobot.

Transformation to robot mode:
Flip his dino head back and then open up his dino chest splitting it in half. Split the tail apart perpendicular to their original position. Gently swing his dino belly up to form his robot chest. Flip the legs out inverting them to form his legs (dino tail should be around his robot knees). Split the legs pushing them out and up to reveal his waist. Slide his dino feet up to form his wrists and to reveal the fists.

Robot Mode:
Colors: Mostly grey, gold and black. Grimlock in robot mode has a black head with a red eye visor. The bot chest is gold (dino stomach) and a nod to his rank as Dinobot commander no doubt. Shoulders and arms are grey, fists are black. Waist is red while hips and upper half of legs are black. Lower half of legs are grey.
Stickers: A bunch and again, I?m not too fond of them.

Grimlock?s very show accurate. They unfortunately couldn?t find a way to hide his tail so the halves just hang off his knees. Besides that, the only difference really is his red eye visor which is blue in the cartoon.

As what seems to be par for the Dinobots course, Grimlock?s head seems a tad small for his body. Overall the sculpt is nice, it?s just small. Due to the transformation process, his head also is set too far back on his chest. From both the side and the front, it?s just not realistic and an eyesore. It?s very glaring in respect to depth perception as his head?s set back about 4 inches from the end of his robot chest.

His shoulders are a bit large and his arms seem a tad long if you stand him at attention. Grimlock looks a bit like a mutated bodybuilder although to a lesser extent than Snarl. The waist and hips seem to be well proportioned, it?s just his upper body is just large. His thighs are pencil like but his lower legs are set up nicely as they widen from his ankles to his feet.

They had a tough time trying to hide pieces of his T-Rex mode in alternate mode. The dino head just flips back and rests on his back. The ?wings? (halves of his dino chest) fold out and his dino arms just sit there. This makes his upper back (from a side view) about half the size of his upper chest. His dino nails frame his fists and as I mentioned before, the halves of his dino tail just hang by his kneecaps. It?s hard to imagine how they would hide the aspects of his dino mode since I?m no engineer?but it would have been nice if they had done a little better.

All the articulation that Grimlock had in dino mode is lost in robot mode. You can rotate his arms at the shoulders and bend his knees (although that doesn?t generate any more degrees of poseability).

Grimlock comes equipped with a sword (Energo), Gun (Twin Stunner Lasers) and Rocket Launcher (Galaxial).

Buyer?s Beware: Again, watch out for the tabs which may be broken, generally not a big problem except for slight looseness. His bot arms can also be loose, sometimes not able to hold a pose. Hips may also tend to be slightly loose. You?ll see more scratches on the gold chest due to the transformation process ? swiveling up and down/connecting the tabs. Chrome wear is also an issue.

Robot Mode Rating: 7

Grimlock?s a solid average in robot mode. Nothing sets him over the top but nothing really stands out to drop him.

Overall Rating: 8.5 (solo) 10 (with other Dinobots)

Grimlock comes in a close second to Swoop in terms of the best Dinobot toy. The dinosaur mode really carries him and I?m assuming that?s the mode most people will display him in. He?s much more durable than Swoop however his robot mode just doesn?t compare.

Grimlock?s the second most expensive Dinobot and can command $65-70 complete in c9 shape. At that tag, it?s hard to recommend him individually but like I said before, it?s much cheaper to pick up the Dinobots as a set.

He?s a great figure although I?m weighing the T-Rex mode a bit heavier than the robot mode because I?m assuming that?s what will attract most buyers. Like I said, there are no major flaws in robot mode but there?s nothing that really stands out and grabs you either.

Grimlock?s transformation isn?t too complicated. It leaves you wanting a tad bit more as it?s mostly just splitting and repositioning parts. The relatively high articulation of the T-Rex mode is a nice plus (since most G1 toys have about no articulation).

I think the Dinobots are a tad overpriced overall but that?s been the case with G1 toys (especially ones that have yet to be reissued and most likely won?t be). Again, I recommend buying them as a set to make them a bit more affordable but if you?re planning on only getting one of them, Grimlock may be your best bet.(since Swoop is so darn expensive and fragile).

Grimlock Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Grimlock in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Gregg Berger

Cartoon Overview
Grimlock was one of the original three Dinobots, constructed by Wheeljack after an earthquake exposed some dinosaur bones in a chamber adjacent to the Ark. Initially, they were too unpredictable to be controlled, so Optimus ordered them sealed away, but when the rest of the Autobots were taken prisoner by Megatron, the Dinobots were reactivated, and fixed to be less unstable, although they remained rebellious. In fact, in War of the Dinobots, Grimlock and the other original Dinobots briefly rebelled, leading to Wheeljack sending in a pair of new Dinobots to tame the originals.

During the Movie, Grimlock befriended Wheelie, and helped Hot Rod and Kup escape the Quintesson homeworld, Quintessa.

In Season 3, Grimlock's greatest achievement was the creation of the Technobots, while he was briefly gifted with super-intelligence. He transferred his super-intelligence to the combined Technobot, Computron, in the process reverting to normal.

Unlike his comic incarnations, there is little evidence that the cartoon Grimlock was a tactical genius with a speech impediment. Instead, he was merely a "big strong guy" especially in the third season, where he was almost completely reduced to comic relief.


Generation 1
08 SOS Dinobots
10 War of the Dinobots
12 The Ultimate Doom Part Two
14 Countdown to Extinction
16 Heavy Metal War
24 Atlantis Arise
25 Day of the Machines
30 Dinobot Island Part One
31 Dinobot Island Part Two
36 Megatrons Master Plan Part Two
37 Desertion of the Dinobots Part One
38 Desertion of the Dinobots Part Two
65.5 Transformers The Movie Animated 1986
66 Five Faces of Darkness Part One
67 Five Faces of Darkness Part Two
68 Five Faces of Darkness Part Three
72 Chaos
73 Dark Awakening
76 Thief In The Night
78 Madmans Paradise
82 Carnage In C-Minor
88 Only Human
90 Grimlocks New Brain
91 The Call of the Primitives

Grimlock Sounds

Dinobot MP3 Sounds - Grimlock Slag Sludge Snarl Swoop

Dinobots no fool around.mp3 (66.1 KB)
Dinobots_Disobey_Orders.mp3 (61.2 KB)
Dinobots_First_Words.mp3 (330.2 KB)
Dinobots_Which_Ones_Friends.mp3 (214.7 KB)
Grimlock Bossy Autobots.mp3 (427.3 KB)
Grimlock Bossy.mp3 (121.2 KB)
Grimlock Who Call My Name.mp3 (93.9 KB)
Grimlock feel like home.mp3 (87.8 KB)
Grimlock me say get rid of decepts.mp3 (76.3 KB)
Grimlock no destroy teletran 1.mp3 (89 KB)
Grimlock teletran 1 calls.mp3 (103.7 KB)
Grimlock ugly too.mp3 (78.4 KB)
Grimlock_BAAAD_Megatron.mp3 (51.8 KB)
Grimlock_Destroy_When_Say_Right.mp3 (113.5 KB)
Grimlock_Dinobots_Transform.mp3 (64.9 KB)
Grimlock_Love_Challenge.mp3 (49.8 KB)
Grimlock_Me_Grimlock.mp3 (41.6 KB)
Grimlock_Me_Stronger.mp3 (129.8 KB)
Grimlock_Name.mp3 (24.5 KB)
Grimlock_No.mp3 (11.8 KB)
Grimlock_Not_Planes_Decepticons.mp3 (60 KB)
Grimlock_Prime_Will_Be_Destroyed.mp3 (76.7 KB)
Grimlock_Yell_2.mp3 (45.7 KB)
Grimlock_You_Are_Weak.mp3 (91 KB)
Grimlock_You_Slag_Like_Fight.mp3 (73.5 KB)
Me_Grimlock_Must_Lead.mp3 (63.3 KB)
Slag_Me_Slag_Can_Fight.mp3 (45.7 KB)
Slag_Me_Want_Fight_Enemies.mp3 (93.1 KB)
Slag_No_Like_Querstions.mp3 (75.5 KB)
Slag_Yessss.mp3 (24.5 KB)
Sludge not see these before.mp3 (168.6 KB)
Sludge_Me_Not_Know_Too.mp3 (55.1 KB)
Sludge_Obey_Strongest_Leader.mp3 (176.3 KB)
Sludge_Yell.mp3 (34.7 KB)
Snarl_I_Am_Snarl.mp3 (69.4 KB)
Swoop_Call_Me_Swoop.mp3 (39.6 KB)
grimlock demonstrating finesse.mp3 (140 KB)
slag sludge do our thing.mp3 (140.4 KB)
slag_sludge_do_our_thing.mp3 (209.4 KB)

Grimlock Comic Book Information

Marvel Appearances

Marvel US Appearances
Transformers 4 - The Last Stand
Transformers 7 - Warrior School!
Transformers 8 - Repeat Performance
Transformers 19 - Command Performances!
Transformers 27 - King of the Hill!
Transformers 28 - Mechanical Difficulties!
Transformers 29 - Crater Critters
Transformers 32 - Used Autobots
Transformers 35 - Child's Play
Transformers 36 - Spacehikers!
Transformers 41 - Totaled!
Transformers 47 - The Underbase Saga Part 1 - Club Con!
Transformers 50 - The Underbase Saga Part 4 - Dark Star
Transformers 52 - Guess Who The Mecannibals Are Having For Dinner?
Transformers 56 - Back From The Dead
Transformers 57 - The Resurrection Gambit!
Transformers 58 - All The Familiar Faces!
Transformers 59 - Skin Deep
Transformers 60 - Yesterday's Heroes!
Transformers 61 - Primal Scream
Transformers 62 - Matrix Quest Part 1 - Bird of Prey!
Transformers 65 - Matrix Quest Part 4 - Dark Creation
Transformers 66 - Matrix Quest Part 5 - All Fall Down
Transformers 69 - Eye of the Storm
Transformers 70 - The Price of Life!
Transformers 72 - All This and Civil War 2
Transformers 74 - The Void!
Transformers 75 - On The Edge Of Extinction!
Transformers 76 - Still Life!
Transformers 77 - Exodus!
Transformers 78 - The Savage Circle
Transformers 79 - The Last Autobot?
Transformers 80 - End of the Road!
Transformers The Movie 1 - The Planet-Eater!
Transformers The Movie 2 - Judgment Day
Transformers The Movie 3 - The Final Battle!
Transformers Universe 1 - AIR - GRI
Action Force 24 - Ancient Relics
Action Force 25 - Ancient Relics
Action Force 26 - Ancient Relics
Action Force 27 - Ancient Relics
Transformers Generation 2 1 - War Without End!
Transformers Generation 2 2 - All Or Nothing!
Transformers Generation 2 3 - Primal Fear
Transformers Generation 2 4 - Devices and Desires!
Transformers Generation 2 5 - The Power and the Glory
Transformers Generation 2 6 - Tales of Earth
Transformers Generation 2 7 - New Dawn
Transformers Generation 2 8 - Escalation!
Transformers Generation 2 9 - Swarm
Transformers Generation 2 10 - Total War!
Transformers Generation 2 11 - Darks Shadows!
Transformers Generation 2 12 - A Rage in Heaven!

Marvel UK Appearances
U.K. Transformers 7 - The Last Stand
U.K. Transformers 26 - Warrior School
U.K. Transformers 27 - Repeat Performances
U.K. Transformers 28 - Repeat Performances
U.K. Transformers 29 - Decepticon Dam Busters
U.K. Transformers 30 - Decepticon Dam Busters
U.K. Transformers 31 - The Wrath Of Guardian
U.K. Transformers 32 - The Wrath Of Grimlock
U.K. Transformers 46 - Icarus Theory
U.K. Transformers 47 - Dinobot Hunt
U.K. Transformers 50 - Dinobot Hunt
U.K. Transformers 65 - Second Generation
U.K. Transformers 74 - In The National Interest
U.K. Transformers 75 - In The National Interest
U.K. Transformers 76 - In The National Interest
U.K. Transformers 78 - Target 2006
U.K. Transformers 101 - Fallen Angel
U.K. Transformers 102 - Fallen Angel
U.K. Transformers 111 - King Of The Hill
U.K. Transformers 112 - King Of The Hill
U.K. Transformers 121 - Mechanical Difficulties!
U.K. Transformers 123 - Crater Critters
U.K. Transformers 125 - Ancient Relics
U.K. Transformers 135 - Grudge Match
U.K. Transformers 136 - Grudge Match
U.K. Transformers 139 - Used Autobots
U.K. Transformers 141 - Childs Play
U.K. Transformers 142 - Childs Play
U.K. Transformers 143 - Spacehikers
U.K. Transformers 144 - Spacehikers
U.K. Transformers 147 - Legacy Of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 148 - Legacy Of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 149 - Legacy Of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 150 - Legacy Of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 151 - Legacy Of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 174 - Totaled
U.K. Transformers 175 - Totaled
U.K. Transformers 194 - Club Con
U.K. Transformers 200 - Time Wars
U.K. Transformers 201 - Time Wars
U.K. Transformers 204 - Time Wars
U.K. Transformers 208 - Dark Star
U.K. Transformers 209 - Dark Star
U.K. Transformers 213 - Guess Who The Mechanibals Are Having For Dinner
U.K. Transformers 240 - Back From The Dead
U.K. Transformers 241 - Back From The Dead
U.K. Transformers 242 - Back From The Dead
U.K. Transformers 243 - The Resurrection Gambit
U.K. Transformers 245 - The Resurrection Gambit
U.K. Transformers 246 - All The Familiar Faces
U.K. Transformers 247 - All The Familiar Faces
U.K. Transformers 248 - All The Familiar Faces
U.K. Transformers 249 - Skin Deep
U.K. Transformers 250 - Skin Deep
U.K. Transformers 251 - Skin Deep
U.K. Transformers 259 - Primal Scream
U.K. Transformers 260 - Primal Scream
U.K. Transformers 261 - Primal Scream
U.K. Transformers 262 - Bird of Prey!
U.K. Transformers 263 - Bird of Prey!
U.K. Transformers 265 - Blood on the Tracks
U.K. Transformers 267 - Blood on the Tracks
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U.K. Transformers 277 - All Fall Down!
U.K. Transformers 278 - All Fall Down!
U.K. Transformers 279 - All Fall Down!
U.K. Transformers 280 - All Fall Down!
U.K. Transformers 281 - All Fall Down!
U.K. Transformers 282 - Kings of the Wild Frontier
U.K. Transformers 284 - Kings of the Wild Frontier
U.K. Transformers 285 - Kings of the Wild Frontier
U.K. Transformers 286 - Deadly Obsession
U.K. Transformers 287 - Deadly Obsession
U.K. Transformers 288 - Deadly Obsession
U.K. Transformers 294 - The Legacy of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 297 - All Fall Down
U.K. Transformers 298 - The Legacy of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 299 - The Legacy of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 300 - The Legacy of Unicron
U.K. Transformers 302 - The Human Factor
U.K. Transformers 303 - The Human Factor
U.K. Transformers 304 - The Human Factor
U.K. Transformers 306 - In The National Interest
U.K. Transformers 307 - In The National Interest
U.K. Transformers 308 - Eye Of The Storm
U.K. Transformers 309 - The Enemy Within
U.K. Transformers 310 - The Price Of Life
U.K. Transformers 313 - The Enemy Within
U.K. Transformers 317 - The Enemy Within
U.K. Transformers 321 - Edge Of Extinction
U.K. Transformers 323 - Still Life
U.K. Transformers 324 - Still Life
U.K. Transformers 325 - Exodus
U.K. Transformers 326 - Exodus
U.K. Transformers 327 - A Savage Circle
U.K. Transformers 328 - A Savage Circle
U.K. Transformers 329 - The Last Autobot?
U.K. Transformers 330 - The Last Autobot?
U.K. Transformers 331 - The End Of The Road
U.K. Transformers 332 - The End Of The Road
U.K. Transformers Annuals 1986 - In The Beginning
U.K. Transformers Annuals 1987 - Vicious Circle!
U.K. Transformers Annuals 1989 - Altered Images!
U.K. Transformers Annuals 1991 - Another Time And Place

Marvel Overview

Grimlock marvel Grimlock and the other Dinobots were awakened prematurely by the Ark when Shockwave landed in the Savage Land in Antarctica. They fought strongly, but were defeated and sealed in the tar pits there until Ratchet revived them. Grimlock then became a strong ally for the Autobots, his intelligence masked by a speech impediment. While Optimus Prime was missing, supposed dead, Grimlock led the Autobots. He died in battle with an Underbase powered Starscream, but was later revived as a Pretender. Later still, mourning the death of his comrades, he stole their bodies, and sought out the mythical Nucleon. Grimlock also exposed himself to it, gradually undergoing a change into an Action Master.

By Generation 2, Grimlock had seemingly purged himself of the Nucleon's effect that had prevented him from transforming, and he once again served as Optimus Prime's second in command, although he remained a loose cannon likely to take off and do his own thing.

Dreamwave Overview

Grimlock dreamwave
Grimlock was one of Optimus Prime's greatest critics when the new leader first took command of the Autobots, even planning to rebel against him. After Optimus and Megatron vanished, Grimlock headed up one of the splinter factions, the Lightning Strike Coalition. During the Age of Wrath, he took a blast meant for Ultra Magnus, although due to Dreamwave ceasing publication, Grimlock's fate was unknown.

He must have survived, though, as in the present day, Grimlock betrayed Optimus Prime for the Decepticon side, ostensibly because Megatron had the other Dinobots as a bargaining chip. Later, once he got the Dinobots back and revived them, Grimlock led an assault against Shockwave.

It is also mentioned that at some point in the past, Grimlock fought the Insecticons on Earth.

IDW Overview

Grimlock idw The Dynobots followed Shockwave to Earth in the Shockwave Spotlight issue. Assuming alternate modes more similar to Maximals than the mechanical Dinobots of old, they fought Shockwave to a standstill, until both Shockwave and the Dinobots were trapped. The human group, the Machination, recovered both Shockwave and the Dinobots in the present day. On reactivation, Grimlock broke free of their control and went after Scorponok.

He will play a pivotal role in the upcoming Maximum Dinobots.

Additional Grimlock Resources


Other Comics Information

Fun Publications

In the Transformers Club Magazine segments, Grimlock appears once again as Optimus Prime's right hand 'bot, having purged himself of the Nucleon and upgraded his systems.

His biography, published in the club magazine, mentions that in the time between Marvel's Issue 80 and Fun Publications' story, Grimlock set out to hunt down the remaining Decepticons led by Bludgeon, before heading to Earth to join the fight with the reborn Megatron.

3H Comics


Botcon 2000 Comic - Reaching The Omega Point
Botcon 2001 Comic - Transformers: Wreckers Part 1
Transformers: Universe #1 - Abduction
Transformers: Universe #2 - Escape

Devil's Due


G.I.Joe vs. Transformers II #4
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III: The Art of War #1
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III: The Art of War #2
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III: The Art of War #3
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III: The Art of War #4
G.I. Joe vs. Transformers III: The Art of War #5

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