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Observe everything, remember even more.

Hound Tech Specs

Tags: Hound
Base information for character / toy Hound.
Name Hound
Japanese Name Hound
Japanese Number 02
Faction Autobots
Function Scout
Motto Observe everything, remember even more.

Hound loves the natural wonders of Earth, prefers it to Cybertron. Brave, fearless, loyal. Secretly desires to be human. Uses turret gun as radar scope, infrared radiation collector. Tracks machines as well as humans. Hologram gun projects 3-dimensional grid laser-light topographical maps. Vulnerable to thermal and electromagnetic interference.

Tech Specs chart for Hound.
Strength 5 Intelligence 8
Speed 5 Endurance 7
Rank 6 Courage 10
Firepower 3 Skill 9

Hound Images

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Hound transformers-g1-0016
Hound hound
Hound transformers-g1-0018
Hound transformers-g1-0017
Hound instr_hound
Hound hound1
Hound hound2

Hound Toy Information

Information related specifically to the toy.
Status Released
Release Date 1984
Assortment # Cars Assortment1 (#5750) , Cars Assortment3 (#5766)
Product # 5753E , 5753E
Per Case 1 , 1
Re-Issues Transformers Collection Hound
Recolors / Reuses E-Hobby Detritus

Hound Parts List

Hound toy parts information.
Figure Type Tank/Military Based
Figure Color Green
Gun Grey/Silver
Missle Launcher Grey/Silver
Missle Grey/Silver
Tire Black
Wheel Black
Other Green

Additional Hound parts info:
3 Silver Missles, 1 Missle Launcher with green trim, 2 Silver Guns, Black wheel cover, Green cannister.

Hound Cartoon / Movie Information

Info about Hound in the Transformers cartoons or movies.
Voice Actor Ken Sansom
Generation 1
01 More Than Meets the Eye Part One
02 More Than Meets the Eye Part Two
03 More Than Meets the Eye Part Three
05 Roll For It
06 Divide and Conquer
07 Fire In The Sky
08 SOS Dinobots
10 War of the Dinobots
11 The Ultimate Doom Part One
12 The Ultimate Doom Part Two
14 Countdown to Extinction
16 Heavy Metal War
17 Autobot Spike
18 Changing Gears
19 City of Steel
20 Attack of the Autobots
22 The Immobilizer
24 Atlantis Arise
25 Day of the Machines
26 Enter the Nightbird
27 A Prime Problem
28 The Core
29 The Insecticon Syndrome
30 Dinobot Island Part One
31 Dinobot Island Part Two
35 Megatrons Master Plan Part One
36 Megatrons Master Plan Part Two
37 Desertion of the Dinobots Part One
39 Blaster Blues
43 Make Tracks

Hound Sounds

Hound MP3 Sounds
008 grenade scatter.mp3 (39.2 KB)
84 have something.mp3 (25.8 KB)
Decepticons_Defeated.mp3 (37.6 KB)
Get_Your_Pistons_Pumpin.mp3 (40.9 KB)
Hound Bye Bye Planet Earth.mp3 (23.3 KB)
Hound_A_Big_One.mp3 (17.6 KB)
Hound_Close_Proximity.mp3 (45.7 KB)
Hound_Decepticons.mp3 (49.8 KB)
Hound_Dont_Care.mp3 (41.6 KB)
Hound_Electric_Signals_Decepticons.mp3 (60.4 KB)
Hound_Electro_Scanner.mp3 (112.7 KB)
Hound_Enemy_Sighted.mp3 (51.8 KB)
Hound_Friend_Megatron.mp3 (55.5 KB)
Hound_Great_Idea.mp3 (56.7 KB)
Hound_I_Enjoy_It.mp3 (24.5 KB)
Hound_Ill_Zero_In_Hologram.mp3 (61.2 KB)
Hound_Magna_Spectacular.mp3 (56.7 KB)
Hound_Rocket_Fuel.mp3 (68.6 KB)

Hound Comic Book Information

Marvel Overview

Hound marvel Hound was on of the original Autobots who had crashed to Earth millions of years ago in the Ark, along with Optimus Prime, who was later reactivated in 1984. Hound was part of a small contingent who were allowed to survey the land. Consequently, Hound was also the one of the first to discover human life forms during a battle at a drive-in theater.

Additional Hound Resources

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