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WTF @ TFW - 240 - February 23 2013

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WTF @ TFW - 240 - February 23 2013

WTF @ TFW - 240 - February 23 2013

Vangelus is joined by Aaron and Omegus for Toy Fair 2013 Round 2, and a lot of intermingling What We Gots.

00:00:00 - Opening
00:00:22 - Intro
00:11:02 - The Even Team on Toy Fair 2013 - Investor Event and etc
00:17:37 - Toy Fair 2013 - Bot Shots
00:20:10 - Toy Fair 2013 - Kreo
00:24:48 - Toy Fair 2013 - Rescue Bots
00:25:37 - Toy Fair 2013 - Platinum
00:32:05 - Toy Fair 2013 - Generations
00:55:09 - Toy Fair 2013 - Metroplex
01:05:44 - Toy Fair 2013 - Beast Hunters
01:30:43 - Toy Fair 2013 - Constructbots
01:32:51 - Toy Fair 2013 - Off-Topic
01:35:49 - New Pic Picks
01:54:41 - Botcon 2013 Strika and Obsidian
02:11:33 - Intermission
02:12:50 - What We Got This Week
03:26:08 - What Ooze Vangelus Accidentally Consumed This Week
03:58:53 - Ending and Outro

Want to leave an audio listener question outside of Youtube or Private Messages? Call our WTF Hotline! These questions may be answered in recordings outside of numbered episodes, but feel free to mention your preference if it really matters to you.

That number is...
(318) 775-9830 or (318) 775-WTF0

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The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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Let's see if this is the same as the odd team's reaction..
Allow me to play doubles advocate here for a moment. For all intensive purposes I think you are wrong. In an age where false morals are a diamond dozen, true virtues are a blessing in the skies. We often put our false morality on a petal stool like a bunch of pre-Madonnas, but you all seem to be taking something very valuable for granite.
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I feel more empowered by this thread already.
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Originally Posted by Aernaroth View Post
Man, I'd MUCH prefer an echo chamber where everyone just says the same things over and over to a sea of nodding. That sounds like an awesome model for a Discussion Forum.
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Hey, Did you guys know that the human that comes with the Beast Hunters Bumblebee Kre-O set is none other than Captain "This is why I hate machines!" Fanzone?
He even has a mustache!

Not enough to make me want the set(Kicker is more appealing), but I'm loving the character choices they're doing now. - I've never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy.... All right, give me the bomb.
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Voyager Grimwing's colors, head, and general transformation is reminding me a lot of Waspinator. I can't get it out of my head.

Also, when I saw Strika, I whipped up my idea for Obsidian. In my mind, Obsidian has always been a helicopter, and can never be anything else. But maybe that's just me.
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very sorry to hear about your dog, hope everything works out!
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Yeah, sorry to hear about Andyroo. I hope that things will turn out well there.

Hmm... are you guys sure Hasbro's only made a hundred grand on Transformers before? I thought they made a hundred mil? There's a bunch of zeros in brackets to indicate the graph's talking in thousands no? Of course, this is just revenue. It's probably just a gross figure.
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4 hours!?
Its hot in toepeeka
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03:26:08 - What Ooze Vangelus Accidentally Consumed This Week
Played with the TMNT Oooze and 4 hours later licked your fingers didnt you.

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For the Lost Light crew, don't forget about the FoC Rewind you can pretend is G1.
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