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WTF @ TFW - 235 - January 17 2013

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Old 01-27-2013, 11:14 PM   #31
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No problem Gog! That bit with Metron had me rolling which is not so good when you have a hobby knife in hand
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Leaning like a gangster and shoutouts, woo.

That Baltan II fellow wanted me to clarify that was deep into the OMFG! stuff. Past tense. Couldn't afford to keep going with all the stuff they've churned out since Series 2's Kickstarter went up. I do keep my ears close to the ground and pay attention to some of the stuff they've been doing though, like the not-OMFG-but-close Deadbeet figure that came out recently and the various colors in the works. Series 3 might get me to pay for a Kickstarter set, but no more chasing colors, and the ones I already have will be sold off.

Magfest Saturday was fun~.
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Originally Posted by Aernaroth View Post
Man, I'd MUCH prefer an echo chamber where everyone just says the same things over and over to a sea of nodding. That sounds like an awesome model for a Discussion Forum.
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Enjoyed to podcast. It's good to hear that I was not the only one having a hard time finding Dredd on Blu-ray. I went to 2 Best Buys, Target and 2 Wal marts and they were all sold out. I gave up and had to order it from Amazon, but it was worth the wait.
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I somehow completely glazed over the whole papercraft energon cube thing, so thanks for that! And thanks for the Battle Beast commercial, you now get all of my love!

Also it's odd that I don't recall Animated Magnus having a voice chip at all, I'll have to dig mine out, but that Japanese one sounds awesome.

And a gigantic BRAVO to the commentary on the constant negativity in the fandom. I know I am just as guilty sometimes, and it really helps me to take another look at myself and how I react and perceive things. But the whole newborn baby thing with "TRY BETTER NEXT TIME" just cracked me up. Well done guys.

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