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WTF @ TFW - 234 - January 10 2013

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Long Live the New Flesh

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WTF @ TFW - 234 - January 10 2013

WTF @ TFW - 234 - January 10 2013

Within 24 hours of 2013, Vangelus felt a scratch in his throat. In episode 234 of WTF@TFW, Aaron and Omegus Prime can only shield themselves from his fully-blossomed baby virus, until Tommy Kennedy can save them.

00:00:00 - Opening
00:00:20 - Intro
00:01:59 - Megatron Roams Universal Studios
00:07:48 - New Pic Picks
00:27:43 - TOMMY KENNEDY
00:36:02 - Listener Question from Argentenoboy
00:46:55 - Intermission
00:48:09 - What We Got This Week
01:42:39 - What Portals and Cuusoos We Got This Week
02:18:46 - Ending and Outro

Want to leave an audio listener question outside of Youtube or Private Messages? Call our WTF Hotline! These questions may be answered in recordings outside of numbered episodes, but feel free to mention your preference if it really matters to you.

That number is...
(318) 775-9830 or (318) 775-WTF0

iTunes users - You can subscribe to and review the podcast here:
iTunes Store

Zune users - You can subscribe here:


The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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Why did I know to check before going to work? XD

Oh well Downloading

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downloading now
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Gween donkey! Mine!
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I have to share this again.

Optimus Prime- Dancing Queen - YouTube
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I hope you're feeling better now Vangelus.
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short video of that megatron in universal studios.
Its hot in toepeeka
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You call and I invasively appear

Argentinosaurus: 60-100 tonne sauropod from Argentina.It was once thought to be the largest dinosaur ever, but one or two animals are now thought to have topped it. Didn't technically have digits, walked on its knuckles.

Miragaia: A stegosaur from Spain. It's really unsual as it developed an extremely long neck, relative to other stegosaurs. Random trivia, Stegosaurus' plates were very atypical. Most stegosaurs were covered in spikes.

Carnotaurus: My favourite meat-eating dinosaur. It had a short, face, big horns and INCREDIBLY tiny arms. Relative to body size, T. rex was far better built. Carnotaurus didn't even have a fully functional elbow or wrist. But it did have four fingers.

Majungasaurus: Used to be called Majungatholes. Basically just an uglier, hornless, more boring version of Carnotaurus (remold, def. remold).

Gastonia. An ankylosaur from a family that didn't develop clubs but it had a row of giant blades down each side. It's been argued it used the blades on its tail and side to slash/chop/axe fools.


You should all be reading Atomic Robo by the way.
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Originally Posted by Livingdeaddan View Post
Yes! But overthinking is all we know! :p
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Where was Sol Fury?
Sol Fury was here!

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I find that after I listen to a bunch of WTF@TFW in a row I find words like "Legit" and "hella" creep up in my everyday vernacular.

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Great podcast and here's hoping vangelus gets better.

Is it just me or does laserback remind anyone else of the deception sparkle bot flame feather?
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