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WTF @ TFW - 233 - January 1 2013

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WTF @ TFW - 233 - January 1 2013

WTF @ TFW - 233 - January 1 2013

With a flash report from within the first 24 hours of 2013, it's up to Vangelus, GogDog, and Seth Buzzard to talk about Transformers in a recording before anybody else this year!

00:00:00 - Opening
00:00:24 - Intro
00:02:14 - Changing
00:03:20 - New Pic Picks
00:33:57 - Listener Question from PyjamaPrime
01:01:34 - Intermission
01:07:26 - What We Got This Week
01:54:00 - How Vangelus Dipped His Toes Into Lego This Week
02:28:49 - Ending and Outro

Want to leave an audio listener question outside of Youtube or Private Messages? Call our WTF Hotline! These questions may be answered in recordings outside of numbered episodes, but feel free to mention your preference if it really matters to you.

That number is...
(318) 775-9830 or (318) 775-WTF0

iTunes users - You can subscribe to and review the podcast here:
iTunes Store

Zune users - You can subscribe here:


The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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Just when I caught up another fresh eppy was posted. Bless you Gog for editing and bless you Vangelus for upping!
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I always love when these come out just before I'm ready to head out on my morning commute.
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I can't wait to hear who the genius is that came up with that Bot Shots Menasor for the title pic.
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Strangely it's up on itunes but it's not downloading :s
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Seconded. The best combiner figure yet.
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Originally Posted by Tux Chaos X View Post
Seconded. The best combiner figure yet.
Originally Posted by Ryan Renolds
No bears were harmed in the making of this photo. Though many bears likely turned on.
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Went to the RSS feed and there is no media file to download for 233. That's probably why iTunes is having issues, as well.
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Im always looking forward to good listening while at work. Toy talk is always exciting for sure
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Not showing up in iTunes Work will be loong knowing IO coulda had this to listen to
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