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WTF @ TFW - 233 - January 1 2013

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I think a reason why 3rd parties haven't tackled Beast Wars yet is because there is "less of a need." While the season 1 figures aren't that show accurate, from season 2 onwards they are, and while the engineering isn't quite up to par with modern figures, Beast Wars was an enormous leap forward from G1 bricks. Before Hercules and Giant, if you wanted a Devastator, you either had to settle for the smallish G1 toy with no articulation or some repaints of other figures that look nothing like the G1 figure. If you want a decent, show-accurate Optimus Primal, you don't need to resort to third parties because such a thing already exists. Most Beast Era figures lack wrist swivels and ankle tilts, but a lot of them still hold up.

It's sort of like, it wouldn't make much sense to make an updated 3rd party Galaxy Convoy, because the one we already have kicks ass.

Now with Animated, while many of its toys are pretty much perfect renditions of the onscreen characters, it has more holes to fill, namely the Constructicons and a trailer for Prime.

Of course, I'm not saying I'd be against 3rd party Beast Era stuff, I'm just rationalizing the reasoning behind the lack of interest.

Personally, I'm pretty happy with my Beast Wars collection, and if a 3rd party would do starting doing some, I'd be more into Beast Wars characters that turn into more classic, blocky robotic animals, just because I like that particular robot animal aesthetic shared by stuff like G1, Voltron and Power Rangers.
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Old 01-18-2013, 05:29 AM   #32
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Fun Fact about Shadow Maru: his voice actor, Fumihiko Tachiki, voiced Prometheus Black/Meltdown in the Japanese dub of Transformers: Animated and the Gaia Memories in Kamen Rider Double. (amongst many other roles, but they're less important.)

My feedback:
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The intermission music in this episode made me want to hurt myself and others.

Other than that, another great show!
I want nothing more in life than to buy the unreleased Robot Heroes Laserbeak, Prowl, Victory Saber, Dessarus, Jetstorm, Optimus Primal, RID Megs, RID OP. You get em? Want to sell them? Let's talk. Junkion Feedback:
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