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WTF @ TFW - 230 - December 15 2012

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Long Live the New Flesh

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WTF @ TFW - 230 - December 15 2012

WTF @ TFW - 230 - December 15 2012

More light-up features, more Emiliano Santalucia, more calculus, more Genesis, more more more! Vangelus and Aaron and Omegus will try to bring you more.

00:00:00 - Opening
00:00:16 - Intro
00:02:39 - Aligned Continuity Jazz Design
00:19:15 - New Pic Picks
00:53:49 - FoC Audiobots Hitting Circulation
01:03:15 - Listener Question from Minnemagnus
01:17:19 - Listener Question from titandiego2
01:42:58 - Intermission
01:47:46 - What We Got This Week
02:15:05 - What Hero Academy Adventures We Discovered This Week
02:34:47 - Ending and Outro

Want to leave an audio listener question outside of Youtube or Private Messages? Call our WTF Hotline! These questions may be answered in recordings outside of numbered episodes, but feel free to mention your preference if it really matters to you.

That number is...
(318) 775-9830 or (318) 775-WTF0

iTunes users - You can subscribe to and review the podcast here:
iTunes Store

Zune users - You can subscribe here:


The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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The Big Daddy
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can't wait to listen!

aw shit does this mean a phil collins discussion on the podcast?

Originally Posted by Snake_eyes1975 View Post
If we get married...think of the collection we would have bro...I mean..we ain't gotta fluid transfer...but think of the collection..
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Two WTFs in two days - it's a Festivus miracle!
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Originally Posted by Aernaroth View Post
Man, I'd MUCH prefer an echo chamber where everyone just says the same things over and over to a sea of nodding. That sounds like an awesome model for a Discussion Forum.
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ultimate enforcing hound
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Yay! Nothing better than listening to a WTF double feature on Christmas!

Choose the winning side! choose megatron! choose the decepticons!
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I 100% completely agree with everything on Vangelus' 3rd Party rant. It's part of the reason I don't go into the 3rd party forum that much as it seems I allways enter the thread when they have that "Vibe" is hitting hard.

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Where was Sol Fury?
Sol Fury was here!

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I fucking love Phil Collins.

Eager to hear how the picture is related to the podcast.

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Cant wait to listen
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Harold of Power.
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Sucks to hear about your Ultra Magnus Aaron, I've really enjoyed mine, but it might be cause mine's shoulders are stiff
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i love the math and science talk and that intermission... Genesis?
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