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WTF Primetime - 42 - Regeneration Hour - November 6 2012

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WTF Primetime - 42 - Regeneration Hour - November 6 2012

WTF Primetime - 42 - Regeneration Hour - November 6 2012

As Season 2 comes to an end, Vangelus is joined by Aaron and GogDog to discuss its final 2 episodes, reflect on the season as a whole, and look towards the Beast Hunter horizon.

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The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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Can't wait to listen!

Originally Posted by Snake_eyes1975 View Post
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Gog said something about a shoutout in this episode for a reason I wouldn't know... let's see if he totally forgot about it!
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Man, I'd MUCH prefer an echo chamber where everyone just says the same things over and over to a sea of nodding. That sounds like an awesome model for a Discussion Forum.
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I am listening to the podcast right now and so far I am agreeing with you guys. I don't like how the writers deal with characters who have potential. At some parts of this season it felt like the writers were using literary convenience to move the plot along as quick as possible.
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And thus ends Primetime for Season 2 eh?

Can't say I mind these double episodes, they tend to make for richer discussion (e.g. How one continues/relates to the other) and especially if it ends up being more schedule-friendly for you blokes.

With regards to Dreadwing;
I felt, as with a lot of facets of this season, that Dreadwing's potential as a character was completely wasted & debatably mishandled with his death's execution (I agree) also feeling very underwhelming (At seeing it I literally said out aloud: "Well there goes Dreadwing").
In no way, however, did his characterisation nor his death share or come anywhere near the significance of Dinobot's for all the reasons you mentioned (Multiple eps of character building, significant impact upon story arcs, time dedication in 'Code of Hero' etc.) and for anyone to suggest otherwise is utterly ludicrous.

I myself never really saw Dreadwing as being one to change allegiances, as it didn't seem to be something someone with his personality would consider and this was evidently vindicated with how the episode played out, but I will say that I'm glad that I never heard anything of that interview with Tony Todd and I'm glad its contained major spoiler didn't enjoy a wider or more vocal audience.

I will miss Tony Todd however as I really feel he was channelling some damn Tigertron in his vocal delivery with Dreadwing.
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Just finished listening to this and regarding Dreadwing's death:
I was thinking that since Soundwave knows everything that happens on Nemesis that he had seen and recorded DW stealing the Forge to give to the autobots and must have shown that footage to Megatron. Then when Megatron is giving him the orders to stand down and he refuses, Megatron acts to terminate him. But a line or two would have helped sooo much in this scene.

I've often thought that this show suffers greatly by having a rotating cast of writers... If they had one writer, or at least one lead writer then things could flow much more naturally. At least then, to me at least, on-going plot points or setups from previous episodes could have a better chance of being realized. Maybe that's just my wishful thinking :/

I think that Gog makes some very valid points and I will be sad to hear him go.

The concepts for Beast Hunters and the toys shown off really don't have me very excited at all for Season 3. I hate to be one of "those guys" but I think it'll help me to pocket away $$ for some of the awesome 3rd party stuff coming down the line.

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Completely and utterly agree with just about everything said about Dreadwing.

And people were comparing his death to Code of Hero? Really? Yeaaaaah not even close.
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Originally Posted by Chosen View Post
Gog said something about a shoutout in this episode for a reason I wouldn't know... let's see if he totally forgot about it!
I didn't forget. But the subject didn't fit so I never brought it up.

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News cred > street cred

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Here's the interview you were talking about, Gog.

Transformers: Prime producer talks Beasts, mythology, Michael Bay

Bring on Book Club!

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I well never get why people liked Breakdown and Dreadwing so much. People read to much into those characters.
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