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WTF Primetime - 42 - Regeneration Hour - November 6 2012

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I was entertained by the episodes. But I'll agree there were some logical problems as a result of some mandate rushing the writers along.

When I take this analysis of the episodes in they definitely wanted to reset Starscream's character back to how he was in darkness rising. But at least it's believable that starscream wants to be a part of the decepticons again so much that he's high on the power again. But it doesn't nullify the ordeal the character went through with a mind wipe.

after the omega lock is smashed I can justify the autobot retreat through the groundbridge to get the Humans out of the battle. A single stray shot could rupture those containers. But I think Optimus Prime could have made the decision to send only a part of his team through the groundbridge with the humans and finish the fight.

Though it may not be much of a fight. At least soundwave would have his relic and Show him and starscream having a pitched battle to keep Optimus Prime from finishing off a defenseless megatron only to have the decepticons flee to new Kaon.

Just a bit more time. One more episode could have given us a ton more developement and payoff for the season just expanding on the the themes of these two episodes.

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Great episode guys. I feel very apathetic to "Prime" as we'll and I'm glad I'm not alone. I also want to let you guys know how much I would love to have the return of the book club, this past years worth of IDW has been amazing.
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Originally Posted by anikenvader View Post
I believe Gog brings something else to Primetime entirely. He doesn't bring the show down, or force opinions, he say's it as he sees it. If you feel Gog is trying to persuade folks into hating the show, just please broaden your mind a little bit. He's obviously hesitant while speaking on the show, unassumingly, people will take it the wrong way.

Again, this is NOT directed towards anyone in the thread. It's also just MY opinion, and if you share it, great, and if you don't, even better.
I couldn't agree more. No one could be more polite and respectful of dissenting opinions as Gog has been. Great job, man. You'll be missed.
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anyone know when they're gonna put out the first 4 eps of primetime for season three?
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Originally Posted by LordShockwave View Post
anyone know when they're gonna put out the first 4 eps of primetime for season three?
Whenever they get time to. Vangelis is real busy making arrangements with the 3rd Street Saints to kill his fellow podcasters to edit/post any episodes.

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