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WTF Primetime 40 - Hard Knocks - Oct 8 2012

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Old 10-13-2012, 06:46 AM   #1
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WTF Primetime 40 - Hard Knocks - Oct 8 2012

WTF Primetime 40 - Hard Knocks - Oct 8 2012

Knockin' it as hard as they can, Vangelus, Gogdog, and Aaron talk about an episode of Transformers Prime, an interview with Steven Melching, and a listener question from AxionPrime.

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The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

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And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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Can't wait to listing.
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Yes now I have something to listen to while I Toy hunt today

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Noice! I'm driving down to lafayette today, this shall make for good entertainment!!
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It was said last year that there would be some faction swapping "A la Dinobot". Because if Dreadwing defected if would be from "bad guy to good guy" like Dinobot did, and because of the great sense of honor both characters have, some people have thought his defection to be possible

BotCon 2011 - Transformers Prime Interview with Executive Producer Jeff Kline Transformers
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Old 10-13-2012, 02:11 PM   #6
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Just finished listening. Thanks for answering, guys. I'd like to change my answer to my question. I'd still like to see Optimus vs. Soundwave, but in relation to that, I want to see Optimus lose control of his anger, i want to see him go off on somebody that's not Megatron.

But, about Hard Knocks, Personally, I don't like the way Arcee is just becoming an antagonist to Smokescreen no matter what he does. Whether it's good or bad, she just brings him down all the time. People need positive reinforcement every now and then, you know. Oh, well, maybe it'll get better.

Can't wait for the next one.
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Great podcast guys, I really can't wait to hear your thoughts on "Inside Job."
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Awesome show as usual. Not too much going on for me with this episode, but really looking forward to hearing thoughts on "Inside Job."

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Vangelus was on the nose with how the "Relic" got to the Autobots as a new recruit!

Also it's "Rock Bottom" not "Rock Solid"
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Old 10-14-2012, 02:34 PM   #10
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I am laying in my bed listening to it.

And my name's John...
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