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WTF @ TFW - 217 - September 13 2012

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Originally Posted by TedimusPrime View Post
oh yea, can we get the actual clip for that intermission? I kinda want to use it to harass my friends
Transformers Kiss Play - Atari's Close Call ENG Sub - YouTube

Open for 3D modeling commission for transformers!
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Vangelus mentioned thundercats international retail - well they just got releasedhere in Australia. Sadly it looks like only the small figures are being sold. YouTube Flickr Google Play
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@Gogdog. That was me talking on Twitter about the Normandy. I still see them from time to time at Barnes and Nobles in my area on clearance. I think it was $13 and some change.

Oh and good to hear you got moved to Chicago and you're settling in. Welcome to the midwest!

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Originally Posted by Thew
and then Hound was a zombie!
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Will work for LEGO
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Woah.... Im late! Been a busy week till I missed this podcast instalment till yesterday. Anyway... thanks fellas for the big coverage of my LEGO Snapdragon

in respond to some of your qoutes inside:

- nope there's NO parts count yet for all my MOC anywhere. dont bother looking
- nope there's no instructions yet for snapdragon. I might post instructions for older MOC before the recent ones get its chance. Whats coming in the future (after the predaking instructions):

> LEGO Neo Blurr
> LEGO Springer

Buy my LEGO TF in or visit
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