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WTF @ Dark of the Moon - Alpha - July 8 2011

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WTF @ Dark of the Moon - Alpha - July 8 2011

WTF @ Dark of the Moon - Alpha - July 8 2011

Surprise! One more time, Vangelus tries to create some high-end Dark of the Moon discussion with a mystery group of panelists! So shift into ultra gear and join us one more time.

iTunes users - You can subscribe to and review the podcast here:
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The RSS feed which includes a media link for the m4a file is:

WTF @ TFW Transformers Podcast -

And if you want an MP3 version, it's linked below:

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can't wait to listen

Originally Posted by Snake_eyes1975 View Post
If we get married...think of the collection we would have bro...I mean..we ain't gotta fluid transfer...but think of the collection..
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Great! Thanks for 3 years of free entertainment!!! It was great.
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My theories on why Sentinel didn't take the matrix: Optimus wasn't just offering him the matrix, he was offering him leadership of the Autobots(I'm kinda surprised you guys just seemed to skip over that detail), thus either he just didn't want to bother leading them(let Optimus deal with that crap while I prepare my evil plan) or more specifically he didn't want to worry about keeping the Autobots from fighting any Decepticons(his true allies) they might find.

Also, about the scene where the Autobots show themselves to be alive after having their ship blown up: Optimus wasn't saying "We hid so that the Cons could destroy Chicago to prove our point", he was saying "Hey, we're back! And I don't think your government's gonna be mad about it now that they know what's up."
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re: sentinel refusing the matrix

throughout the film, I got the feeling that Sentinel honestly respected optimus, as a fellow Prime and whatnot. So when optimus offers the matrix and leadership of the autobots, sentinel refuses, as he believed optimus was not only more familiar with the current situation, but he respected him enough not to take away from him what optimus had had for eons now.

later on, sentinel reveals his betrayal, and his elitist jerk tendencies, offing ironhide (presumably, take out the strongest autobot, leaving them weaker and more susceptible to joining him...??? of course, he was a total jerk about it, negating that part), and running off with "his" pillars.
turn them on, bring the moon-cons to earth, and then he and optimus tussled. He had optimus at his mercy at least twice, holding either his rust-cannon or his sword to optimus' head, but then walked away saying something to the effect of "you're lucky I let you live. in time you'll understand."
which to me said, he didn't want to fight optimus, a fellow prime. he could care less about those 'normal' autobots (i.e. ironhide), but optimus, his protege, successor, and the only other prime alive, it seemed like originally he MIGHT have been trying to convince optimus to join his side (though iffy writing/execution may have muddled that).

of course, he gets the gov'ts to exile the autobots, and they get blowed up (I assume that to be more megatron's idea than sentinel's. they clearly disagreed on a great many things...), then everyone goes to chicago

autobots show up to save the day, start massacring the 'con army, and eventually shoot the control pillar down, finally getting sentinel fed up enough that, to hell with what sentinel would prefer, if optimus WANTS to die fighting him, that's what he'll get.

etc etc

boy that got tangent-y...
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There's actually already a thread with the Optimus Prime chaotic evil thing: Optimus Prime alignment chart.
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On the topic of talking in vehicle mode, the only Autobots to do it are the twins in their ice cream truck form through their loudspeaker and Bumblebee with his radio (which barely counts). The only other talking in vehicle mode is in Cybertronian by the Decepticons.
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re: G1 parallels

In “Megatron's Master Plan, Parts 1 and 2” in season 2, the Decepticons trick the humans into banishing the Autobots from Earth and the rocket is destroyed, but the Autobots survive and return to save the Earth.
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Dang I just finished the 3 hour one yesterday
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oh man i am totally in the same boat as crasis, i too was completely un-spoiled, and i too thought that he was gonna be a huge hero, so i had the same reaction as both crasis and protoman, and i came home, looked at my leader, and thought those same thoughts, and the first time i saw the movie, i thought starscream said "kill" but the second time i saw it i made sure i listened very closely, and i heard "kick" and about the whole stuff in the movies being toys the motorcycle that mikeala is laying down on in rotf in the begining is the same as hftd brimstone
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