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Vehicion Gary's Gun Arm Modification

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Vehicion Gary's Gun Arm Modification

I just got myself a Prime Vehicon, and boy oh boy is he good! One thing I noticed, is that [while] his gun can mount onto his arm, it can't totally mount on it's own in PLACE of his forearm.

I saw this shot and wondered if it could be done, as it seems the Vehicon gun is the right size to be used this way:

And here we go!

So, here's a modification that I hope some of you will enjoy doing. The secret ingredient is a humble lil' Kreon leg. Yes. The foot hole in the Kreon leg matches the Vehicon's elbow ball perfectly!

Here's what you'll need:

- 1 Prime Vehicon (regular edition)
- A craft knife/X-Acto knife
- Plastic model glue
- Sandpaper (around 100 grit is fine)
- Dremel if you have one, but possible if you don't!
- One Kreon RIGHT leg (a black leg if you have it, but ok if not).
- Your bank details and passwords, ha! Just kidding!

THE PLAN: Create a socket on the end of the gun, that can click on to the bare elbow ball joint instead of the arm itself.

STEP 1 - Cut away gun inside of the underneath of the gun

(The "underneath" is the side of the gun that has the two pointy shapes pointing out)

Before you do any cutting, I recommend angling your gun to match these photos to get the perspective right to help visualize what has been removed. These photos have the plastic removed that needs to be cut away:

Take your time. With either a Dremel or X-Acto knife, shave away the underneath part of the gun near the 5mm peg. Follow the edging that the inside walls of the gun, [as] this is a good guide.

STEP 2 - Orientate the Kreon leg to the correct side.

The Kreon leg should go one way for ease of fit. You can see this final gun arm modification photo that shows the orientation of the Kreon leg, having the Kreon toe pointing directly AWAY from the 5mm peg. Here’s the photo (we’ll get to this step at the end!):

For now just remember this orientation of the Kreon leg. This will make sure you’re shaping it to fit one way, and not changing orientation.

STEP 3 – Shave or sand down the Kreon leg to fit the crevice in the gun

Now sand, shave or Dremel down the leg to fit snugly into the crevice carved into the gun. You’ll be sanding/shaving it’s four sides but make sure to NOT SAND THE TOE.

The toe is where the balljoint will go. Think of the sanding/shaving as only effecting the leg, but leaving the ‘foot’ safe from sanding/shaving.

Overall, you’ll only need to remove around 1-2mm of material on each side of the leg. I recommend looking at these photos to compare and visualise the end size of the foot that you’ll end up with. Most importantly, shave/sand down the foot's sides a little, then test fit the leg to the gun crevice. If it's too big, shave/sand down some more, then test fit again. Repeat that until your Kreon leg fits nice and snug.

Here's finished and unaltered legs for you:

STEP 4 – Cutting clear the the kreon leg hole for the elbow ball

With your craft knife, or Dremel, you want to "clean out" the foot base hole, you'll see a slight ridge just inside the foot base hole. Shave this ridge flush with the inside space inside the foot. A Dremel is great for this, but an X-Acto knife will also work.

ATTENTION: Make sure you don't shave down the actual foot base hole's outer edge in the process! This is the perfect size as it is, and the elbow ball might slip out if the hole’s edge isn't the original size.

Next up, shave/Dremel out the little "wall" inside the HEEL’S back circle hole. Once again take care not to shave the actual outer edge.

Hopefully, yours will look like the leg on the left in this photo (the leg on the right is an unaltered Kreon leg):

STEP 5 - Test fit and glue away!

Use your favourite model glue, and glue the Kreon leg into the spot.


Left side:


I use sticky tape to secure it nicely in place while I wait for the glue to dry:

STEP 6 – Play!

Now you've got your modded gun! Just pop off the forearm at the elbow joint, and pop on that Kreon ball joint and BeeuuuughhwwwwWWWWWW! (That’s my ‘con gun power-up sound spelled phonetically).

See ya,


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