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Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)

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Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)

(Be patient as the photographs load, as they are a bit large for some reason. ~SQ7)

So, I only collect movie figures, and I had never owned a movie Optimus until Dark of the Moon, but I had a problem choosing between the version with a gun and the Fireburst version. In the end I decided to get [one with the gun].

After the movie, my eyes were craving an axe prime. Then my girl gave me an idea; she asked as she looked at my collection, "Why does that dude (Fallen) has an axe through his head?" So we shall thank her for this:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0761.jpg

First, Grab your Voyager the Fallen:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0742.jpg

Now let Optimus prime work:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0743.jpg

Make sure you detach the following red piece, [as] we will need that later:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0747.jpg

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0744.jpg

Now cut these two bumps; the trick is to get the red out. If you know how to remove pins or how to take it out without doing this, then be my guest:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0748.jpg

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0751.jpg

Now cut the red part like this:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0753.jpg

Now, you will need two (2) rods that are usually used with Lego construction sets; the size is to your preference. These will serve as the axe handle. So for Battle Blades Prime, all you need to do is shave the Lego handle so it fits (which is an extra step for some of you guys, and might be difficult getting the right size) or I recommend you use a different handle. Toss one to the side (we will need it in a bit), and glue the top to the red part, the axe head:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0755.jpg

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0756.jpg

One last step: apply nail polish to the axe handle so that it fits in Optimus' hands:


Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0761.jpg

Now what about the Fallen? Did you think I was going to make you waste a whole figure?? Well, you guessed wrong.

There are a few Fallen "neck" mods, but this one is simple:

Get your second Lego rod, and cut it to the desired neck size:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0763.jpg

Insert it to the red part that I told you to detach earlier like this:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0769.jpg

Now attach it to the body:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0768.jpg

And . . . you are done! This may not be the greatest neck mod, but itís easy and simple. Up and down head articulation [is gained], though:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0770.jpg

Final Product:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0757.jpg

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0758.jpg

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0760.jpg

The Scene we never got:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0759.jpg

Group shot from the cast:

Optimus Prime Axe mod-hpim0774.jpg

So there you have it folks! If ever used on a separate custom, it would not hurt to give me credit Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by TCracker View Post
Wait a tick...the arms in this Prime looks different. Did you remove them from grille and bumper? Looks better IMHO. I would like to know how..
Those things REALLY bugged me, they are easy to remove and attach. I think it adds more to the figure by removing them. I also switched the place where the rockets go. It also makes him look better if you ask me.

Originally Posted by micky24 View Post
wow, thatís a very neat idea. Though I remember in the movie, Prime's axe handle isn't that long (or thatís just me >_<)
Itís up to you how long you want the handle. I think I am going to cut the handle a bit on mine, but that is personal preference; I just provided the blueprint.
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Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0743.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0744.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0747.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0748.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0751.jpg  

Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0753.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0755.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0756.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0757.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0758.jpg  

Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0759.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0760.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0763.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0768.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0769.jpg  

Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0770.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0774.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0761.jpg   Optimus Prime Axe (Made from RotF the Fallen!)-hpim0742.jpg  

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