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Making Universe Tankor Rock the House

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Making Universe Tankor Rock the House

I just got done with this sweet little modification:

It's a little addition to his back flap. Modifying the back of the waist section allows it to still fold down and not get in the way of any alt mode positions. He remains fully transformable:

[What's] the reason? Well, by doing this, you can now tab his claw weapon to sit behind the wings in robot mode:

[Now it's] SO much nicer. It helps evoke the silver-wings-on-back of the G1 figure more strongly, AND finally gives you a place to stick that damn thing without having to make him hold it or set it to the side.

Originally Posted by Ezilla82
Okay this might sound dumb as hell, but did you a Dremel or didn't? Because this isn't a bad modification at least now he doesn't have to put his weapon aside or something, he'll have it with him, like you said.
Nope. I would've pulled the Dremel out, but the wife and daughter were both asleep by the time I worked out how to do it and got started. It was all done by hand with a hobby knife, a pair of pliers (just to hold things) and some super glue.

Originally Posted by Bumblebee78
Nice job. Where did that plastic piece come from? Sorry if it is obvious but I do not have mine with me to compare. Thanks!
The added bit is made from the plastic clip off of a fat pen cap. I just cut it to the rough shapes I needed and glued it together.

Originally Posted by tentagil
Looks like he carved a chunk out of the back of the crotch, then added a little clip area to the white waist cover to clip the silver "wings" on to.

So with the waist cover up in a horizontal position you can snap the little tab at the base of the tanker cover in place, the bottom of the cover hides the back of the legs live the waist cover usually does, though I'm guessing there is a little gap there, nothing to bad though.

I'd like to see a side view to see how it looks. But i think i might try something like this. Should be fairly simply and based on the pictures he does look a lot better. Plus it gives a purpose for those damn claws.
That's pretty much it in a nutshell. I'm likely going to clean it up a little bit, and [then] paint it to match a little better. I took those pictures almost as soon as I'd finished last night, so it's still looking a little rough in the photos.

Originally Posted by Orion_Prime48
Iím not sure I like it I love my Octane as he is he looks so damned cool with that shield in his hand even if it is a bit cumbersome
Fair enough. Although he can still hold it in any of the ways he could beforehand, this just gives him one more place to store it if you don't want him holding it in robot mode.

Originally Posted by tentagil
Any chance of a side view pic to get a better idea of how it looks and where exactly everything fits?

Those are the best I could get right now.
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