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Jolt: Making Twist Tie Whips

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Jolt: Making Twist Tie Whips

Jolt's whips were one of my pet peeves. I decided to try replacing them. I figured even if I goofed it up, having no whips wouldn't be that much worse than what Jolt already has. I've seen others give him much better whips, but I haven't seen any tutorials, so I thought I'd put one together.

Using twist ties not only makes the whips longer, but also much more poseable. And if they're not too long they will in no way hinder transformation. I don't know how well paint will stay on these, though. I did mine at my job so I was only able to use paint markers to decorate them. Someday when I take him home and give him a better paint job, I'll also paint the whips better.

1. I recommend doing one arm at a time for glue drying purposes. Here's a pic of the arm before any changes:

First we have to remove the screws shown to take off the hood piece. This will make it easier to get to the whip:

2. Clip off the whip in two places as shown:

3. Using a 1/16 inch drill bit, hand drill a hole into the pivoting part on the arm as shown:

4. Put a drop or two of glue in the hole and stick one end of the twist tie in there. You can either use a really long twist tie and shorten it later, or check the length beforehand to make sure it will fold up into the arm space for storage.

I highly recommend using glue gel. I fear liquid glue would leak too much and maybe get into the pivoting piece, ruining it. Set Jolt down such that the glue will dry with the twist tie in place as desired:

5. Drill a hole in the pointy piece in similar fashion:

6. When the glue is dry from step 4, go ahead and glue the pointy piece on the other end. Be sure the twist tie is the length you want and can be stored:

7. After the glue dries, screw the hood piece back on. To store the whips, just bend them over as many times as necessary:

And use the pivoting pieces to rotate them back into the arms:

I noticed on his left arm it took a little more patience to get the whip stored all the way due to a tab on the hood piece.

And you're done, nice and easy! Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
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