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Masterpiece Rodimus Hip Modification: Add 1/4" Height

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Masterpiece Rodimus Hip Modification: Add 1/4" Height

This is easy as pie. It took twenty minutes, and it would have taken less if I didn't have to think about it and tried a regular file before noticing it was already half-past midnight and fired up the Dremel.

One of the things that irked me about my brand, spanking new Masterpiece Hot Ro--I mean, Rodimus Prime was how very little difference there is between the two iterations of the character. There are only three means of differentiation: spoiler placement (perceived size increase), the Face/Off thing (younger vs. older), and the Dr. Bender-style chiropractic hip adjustment (minor change of height).

The hip thing bugged me more than it would have anyone else . . . it moved two "clicks", but it seemed logical to me that a third motion was called for given the shape of the hip joint and how out of place it appeared to me to be. So I did what anyone who'd just spent sixty bucks on a figure would do: I whipped out my trusty tiny screwdriver and took it apart.

The issue was at the post on which the hip and leg attached: it was like a rectangle with the anterior lateral corner ground off. Investigation of the black hip assembly indicated that the way this was cut only allowed for two "clicks" of movement downward, as any further motion was prevented due to the right angle formed by the bottom corner of the rectangle.

The solution: grind it down to match the missing corner above it.

The outcome: another 1/4" of glorious Matrix-induced height, and freer hip movement, to boot.

It's possible it may be a bit less structurally sound, but A) I doubt the excision of that tiny bit of material will affect anything in any quantifiable way and B) it's going to sit like this on a shelf for several years, seeing only minor attention until it's thrown in a box and chewed by potential future crumb-munchers. The only real detriment could be top-heaviness and less stability, but that never stopped Pam Anderson.

I hope this proves of interest to someone out there. I love quick and easy tricks like this.

How about a comparison with MP-01 and fellow domestic releases Skywarp and Grimlock?

Finally, there was a request for a comparison shot between Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime. I only have one, so I made a couple composites. Hope this satisfies:

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