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Trailer Articulation for Cyberverse Optimus and Megatron Action Sets

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Trailer Articulation for Cyberverse Optimus and Megatron Action Sets

[Here is] a simple way to [make] the trailer for the [Cyberverse] Optimus Prime Action Set ] turn. Look at the three (3 ) cylinders underneath the front of the trailer. Cut down the center one as shown. Find yourself a 3mm clip system ball-jointed peg that fits into that cylinder and cut the ball end off. Verify it will clip onto Optimus' hitch as shown, [and] trim as necessary. Do not glue the post into the trailer or you'll waste [the] work [done here].

Done correctly, it will let the trailer sit at the original height and rotate. See below, I also added another photo of the new post fitted to the trailer and cab [of Optimus].

* * * * *

Megatron and his trailer are a little more involved than Primeís.

Youíll need to install a peg just in front of the C-clip on the underside of the trailer (on that leg that folds out). I used the skinny end of a TF missile, from ROTF Mixmaster, I think; it has a thinner section at the end, which is the part I inserted into the hole I drilled in front of the clip on the trailer part. Work carefully so you donít break through the side of that slender part. Once youíve drilled it, just glue the peg in place.

Look at the clip post on Megatronís truck chassis. Cut off the post and the sides that hold it, so youíre left with a flat square. Remove the screw that holds that part onto his leg, but leave the part in place. Drill a hole in the center, slightly larger than the free end of the peg you just installed on the trailer. Youíll also have to cut down the post that fits into that square piece from the opposite leg, as it will interfere with the peg; donít cut it all the way, just leave a little bit. In my case, it became hard to close the legs up for alt mode after cutting down that post, so I glued the square piece onto the opposite leg. The alt mode still holds together perfectly Ė nice and tight.

Now just plop the trailerís new peg into the new hole on the back of the cab section and youíre done.

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