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Human Alliance Leadfoot: Small Fix

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Human Alliance Leadfoot: Small Fix

Hood/suspenders part:

As you try to fold the hood/suspenders part over, you will see some squared plastic reinforcement stopping it. Just get some clippers or [an] X-Acto and trim it. [This] won't change [the] transformation. Itís still tight on the back of his head, but [it] easily swings down. The hinges I trimmed. If I didnít trim those, it was stressing the hinges WAY too much for my taste:

Cram the slider as far forward you can get, and push the door hinges up to hold it.
What I have now, is about as good a mix between accuracy, playability, and ease of modification that makes me happy enough to get back on the side of Leadfoot:

Originally Posted by Deceptigtar
You might not have to cut it. More of us tried this in the HA Leadfoot feedback thread linkand the fold over can work without cutting. I can on mine and had no problem doing so with no cutting.

It does looks good but I just chose to pose my different.
Originally Posted by harrismonkey View Post
Have you transformed it back to car mode yet?

This is a great idea, and I'm very tempted to do the same.

I did notice those tabs you cut off lock the shoulders in place in car mode. There may be enough other pieces locking this together that it doesn't matter (which would be great!).

[Are there] any issues with the front of the car not going/staying where it should?

I really, really like this! I might do it even if it does cause car issues.
Yep . [There are] no real issues. [It] works fine in car mode.

Another nice mod is the front wheel wells. There is a grey hinge with a square on the rotator to stop it from folding more to allow it to tuck in closer to the body. This is a really easy shave; when you look, youíll see.

I went from complete buyerís remorse, this thing is not worth a pinch of rat shit, to LOVING the mold.

I WILL say....I could NOT have made that transition without straying from the instructions, and making a few mods.
Originally Posted by PropagandaWar
I just flipped it without having to mod itís the way you position it during transformation.
I know some say they can do that flip without mods. The more I tried to flip the double hinge up over the windshield, I was getting REALLY bad stressing, so I just did the cut.
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