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Rusty Screws Solutions

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Rusty Screws Solutions

Veggie oil, wd40 (basically any kind of oil), oh . . . and elbow grease.

I let the screws soak in a bit of veggie oil, then wipe hard with a paper towel.

It'll also ensure they won't rust for a good long time.

Originally Posted by Big Dawg View Post
white vinegar takes rust out pretty good from my experience
Originally Posted by Satomiblood View Post
Soaking them in Coke seems to work. It's a semi-popular method for rust removal. Not the best, but it does work.
Originally Posted by Maetel View Post
i thought myth buster proved coke is really just due to the weak acid and water doesn't work any better than other cleaners, might as well just use vinegar
Originally Posted by Chump View Post
I would try the oil/wd40 method. It has worked for me in the past.
Originally Posted by oxidative View Post
I've used Isopropol Alcohol and some q-tips with some success. Also, when done, I've coated the exposed screws, carefully, with clear nail polish. You can't tell there was ever an issue.

Just be careful with the alcohol. If it gets on stickers or paint it will harm them. Might be better to just use WD-40. Taco Bell hot sauce maybe? That works well for cleaning up coins that I've found in the heating vents of my house.
Originally Posted by Slip►Stream View Post
I haven't tried any rust remover personally but I remember someone at being able to restore an old and badly rusted arcade joystick control panel using a green gel rust remover (I believe it was Bull Frog Rust Remover)
There's also Evapo-Rust and Rust Release SuperGel but again I haven't tried any of these personally (but I guess you can google these products to gather some feedback)
Originally Posted by PikaManiac View Post
Baking Soda is the way to go.

I tried WD-40, that stuff does not work too well. It helps to prevent rust, but to remove rust, it takes a lot of rubbing, and I mean A LOT. I also tried soaking screws in Coca Cola, but they turned black.

Baking Soda is the way to go. The way it works is like sandpaper, just that it is a lot milder than sandpaper that it would not deform your screw, or scratch your plastic in case you can't unscrew it.
Originally Posted by MidnightBliss View Post
I am also interested in replacing screws. Anyone know of a kit or some way to get the most used sizes?
Originally Posted by Chump View Post
Someone asked about buying replacement screws. Has anyone found a place that sells a variety of the types of screws that have been used in transformers?
Originally Posted by deathonacracker View Post
i went to ebay and found an old junk lot i bought for about $14 that included plenty of screws of every size. you just have to take all of the junkers apart and seperate the screws by size into little containers.
hobby screws | eBay

Hobby screws. You'll have to figure measurements on your own.

Originally Posted by Magnus2355 View Post
I use Brasso. You can find it at Homedepot. Just a little dab then buff it off with a microfiber cloth. For heavier rust let it sit for 30 minutes, repeat as needed.
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