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Simple Mech Tech Adapters for RotF Leader Optimus Prime

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Simple Mech Tech Adapters for RotF Leader Optimus Prime

RotF Leader Optimus Prime - Enabling Removable Swords and MechTech Weaponry

For a while, I wanted to get RotF leader Optimus Prime to hold Mech Tech weapons. I considered drilling a round hole into his fists, but was afraid it would hurt his ability to hold Jetfire's gun. Last night, I thought of some quick adapters that do the job pretty well.

All you need are a couple LEGO Technic pieces per hand. Here's a pic of the pieces along with them assembled on HA Backfire:

The gray pieces I used have three holes in them. More or less should suffice, as long as there are at least two: one for the weapons peg and another for the blue Lego piece. I actually had a longer piece that I cut with a pair of flush cutters to get down to three holes.

The blue pieces are pegs with one round end and a + shape for the other end.

Here's how they assemble in Prime's hand:

The + end of the peg goes right in Prime's hand. Both that and the weapon peg going into the LEGO hole are really tight fits -tighter than the fit of the LEGO pieces:

It might also work to use a LEGO peg with both round ends, and squish one end with a pliers or something so it will fit in Prime's hand. If you'd like to store the pieces when not in use, you can put them together like this:

Then put them in Prime's back like this:

Prime's back won't fold all the way down, though. It's easier to store them in vehicle mode, one on each side:

I figured out how to use these adapters to give Prime a Stealth Force mode!

Originally Posted by KnightConvoy View Post
Worked pretty well .. But I am concerned about leaving them in for extended periods of time and stressing primes hands, but we will see.
I don't think that will be a problem, but maybe shaving down the peg would help.

Originally Posted by qwerty View Post
nice...the easiest option is to replace ROTF Prime hands with Leader Sentinel Prime's hands...they are a perfect match with no cutting...
Yeah, but then he wouldn't be able to hold Jetfire's weapon. I suppose Jetfire's weapon could then be modded with a round peg.

Originally Posted by hthrun View Post
I don't think that will be a problem, but maybe shaving down the peg would help...
I did, but then things immediately flop out, the big thumbs on the side there kinda wreak havoc on the stability.

[I've] Backfire underslung on one hand and Tailpipe over hand on the other; [it] looks pretty cool.

Although I used the square 2 hold port blocks and shaved one hole out to fit the peg on the weapon better and used a small bit of painters tape on the top of the lego bit that slid into the brick to stabilize it and keep it from twisting. aside from Primes fists being.. finicky works like a charm.

I was just detailing my Optimus Prime in vehicle mode and noticed two pegs on his top when the roof's flipped back. Sure enough, they work for the adapters. Now RotF leader Optimus Prime can have a "Stealth Force" mode!

Just wanted to share a warning, on of my Technic pieces cracked along the hole as I was taking it off. The good news is it still holds a 5 mm peg just fine. I used some more Lego pieces to add some more weapons:

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