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Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification

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Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification

So here is what we are going to try and accomplish today:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110414_180631.jpg

The first thing I noticed when I got Kup was how much I disliked his arm pads [as] they hindered everything. So, I sought out to fix it at any cost!

As much as I hate parts forming due to transformation, I couldnít find any other options. I am super pleased with the look, and who cares if he parts forms? He's Kup!

Things required:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_115819.jpg
  • a soldering iron (for pin removal)
  • a drill
  • a 5/32 drill bit
  • a Kup

First, remove the pins from his forearms to take the door panel off (which would be in the photos below if I hadnít done it already, but pretend there is a pin here):

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_115907.jpg

Now, take a soldering iron and place it on the top of that pin for 30-45 seconds (the goal here is to make the pin hot enough to make the plastic soft and if you go too long on this it may deform the plastic):

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_115858.jpg

Once you heat the pin enough the door panel will come off with very little effort like so

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_115930.jpg

Part two of this is to make a hole in the back of the leg using the 5/32 drill bit.

I have already done this on mine, and I donít have any pictures of it before the holes were made. Again, use your imagination. While looking at some of the detail on the legs, notice the things that kind of resemble mufflers parallel to each wheel. I used these for a starting point for the holes I drilled. On the outside half of the leg in the second notch down, take your X-Acto knife and make a starter hole so the bit will not walk during drilling:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120014.jpg

Now that you have marked the whole drill it out:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120032.jpg

Now test fit the panel to see if it works (and it should):

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120114.jpg

And that is it! You are fiinshed!! You should be left with this:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110414_180642.jpg

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110414_180658.jpg

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110414_180742.jpg

To transform him back to truck, put the panels back where they go on the arm (just donít put the pin back in):

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120202.jpg

[The] arm [should look] just like this:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120218.jpg

Transform him the same way before the panels were removed:

Kup mod!!!!-img_20110417_120532.jpg

None of this affects poseability either, so if you feel the same way I did, here is the means to change it!

(Guns graciously donated by RotF brawn)

Thanks guys hope you enjoyed and that it helps!

Originally Posted by Lord T
To remove the arm pads did you need to heat the pin with the soldering iron? I can't think of another way they would be detachable.
Yes, you take a soldering iron and hold it on the top part of the pin for 30-45 seconds (depends on the iron) and pull the panel right off. You need a fine tipped soldering iron I always use a butane one I got at RadioShack.

Originally Posted by Thinktank
I think I have figured out a "non-partsformer" cheat to that modification.

Basically the gist of it is Zaku hoses:
HG Zaku II Rebuild - a set on Flickr
Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-3255847069_a79779fe6f_b.jpg

Originally Posted by Thinktank
Make some Zaku hoses out of craft beads strung with some tough fishing line or cord. Then install them inside the rear fender area near the knee and then run it to the side panel so there is a "technical connection" between the side panel and the leg. I figure if it can work for Ultimate Bumblebee's doors, it can work for Kup's arm shields.

It would work something like this:

() Round Bead
[] Cylinder Bead

Leg/Fender|()[]()[]()[]()[]()[]()[]()|Side panel/shield.
(Pro-tip: leave about half a beads worth of slack so the
Zaku hoses will flex easily.)

The parts would just swing back behind the leg and
peg in like the original mod shows. While still technically
plug-N-play, at least the panels won't get lost this way.
Removing the door panel from a hot pin should be effortless. Make sure you give the soldering iron plenty of time to heat up before counting (if you turn it on and immediately try to heat the pin it will take much longer than the recommended 40 seconds). I have had instances where I pin did not want to come out and required more time.

There is a tutorial on pin removal as well found here: How To Remove Pins And Rivets
Attached Thumbnails
Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110414_180631.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110414_180642.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110414_180658.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110414_180742.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_115907.jpg  

Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_115858.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_115930.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120014.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120032.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120114.jpg  

Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120202.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120218.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_120532.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-img_20110417_115819.jpg   Generations Sergeant Kup Door/Arm Panels Modification-3255847069_a79779fe6f_b.jpg  

I Still Function!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Verdiboy View Post
I tried this and followed the directions to the letter. In the end the door panel ripped off it's peg instead of popping off the rivet/pin.

This happened after several attempts with the soldering iron. Was the pin simply not hot enough?
In that case, you could try my version. Seen here. I had no idea this tutorial was here, but I ended up with my own arm mode.

With mine...
1. Just break the other door to match.
2. Using a pair of side cutters, trim the pin as short as you can.
3. Mix up some Dev-Con Plastic Welder to put the now shortened pins back into their shallow holes.

4. Disassemble his legs and glue a strong magnet in. Shows where I stuck the magnet.

5. Reassemble.

When you transform back into vehicle mode, the doors just pop into to place. Hope this helps.

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