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Fixing Animated Blurr's Neck

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Fixing Animated Blurr's Neck

I've never liked how TF:A Blurr's head and neck look. He's always got neck very straight and his chin down on his adam's apple (or whatever robot's have. Primus' apple?) and it makes him look very stiff and stoic. Or perhaps like he has noticed a bad smell. Either way, it didn't suit the character's personality, and personality is important, especially for animated figures.

I took him apart and I think the neck piece is misassembled. If you flip it around, it doesn't affect altmode at all and gives him a much wider range of motion for the neck. Suddenly he can look DOWN, or just have his head in a more natural, relaxed position. I found this really improved the figure for me.

The Blurr on the left is unmodded, with his head and neck stuck in super-serious stuffed-shirt mode. The Blurr on the right can assume a more natural position.

The Blurr on the right has been modded and can look down.

To do this yourself, move his shoulder out of the way and extract the pin shown here.

This lets you get at his screws. Undo these three and the torso will pull apart.

Finally, knock this pin out, turn the neck around, and put everything back together. Now Blurr can actually move his neck in robot mode. Horray!
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