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A Different Breakaway Cockpit Modification

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A Different Breakaway Cockpit Modification

I was just messing with a second Breakaway I've gotten and [modified] the cockpit different from the tutorials I've seen.

[This] image is a diagram. In the diagram, think of it [as if] looking at the front piece of clear plastic for the cockpit from the bottom:

The black outline is the larger part (the "top" [as] if looking at the figure normally), and the smaller grey outline is the lower part that locks the piece into place. The red section is what I removed. I cut a line right in the middle of the lower half and removed the forward part of it on both sides of the "bar" that goes up the middle (which was left intact).

When reassembled (with the screw slightly less than completely tightened), this allows the cockpit to slide forward a little bit and the head can pop out. Make sure you keep the "bar" in the middle intact; it acts as a guide for sliding the piece out:

Originally Posted by Dormamu
I saw Jin Saotome's custom [modification], but instead decided to try [this one] as I wanted to keep more of the original figure in place. I performed this to Thrust and had fantastic results. I actually cut just a bit more into the sides of that T piece so that it slides forward enough (almost like being on a track) so that the head can be turned up and can turn.
First, I modified the front canopy in order to create a T so that the canopy can slide forward. It won't go that far, since the screw that holds it in place creates the friction, but it's enough that you can get more clearance for the head:

I also cut a bit around the back of the head and created a bit more clearance (taken from several other modifications) and snipped a little from the inside of the rubber nose where it presses against the swivel joint. You can see a bit more in this shot:

Finally, when reassembled, he looks much better, and has better clearance for the head:
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