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RtS Grapple Crane Modification - An EASY One!

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RtS Grapple Crane Modification - An EASY One!

This is a quick tutorial for voyager Inferno and Grapple.

Tools needed:
  • Drill
  • 5mm drill bit
  • 8mm drill bit
  • Super glue
  • 5mm peg of some kind, i used a 5mm metal shelf stud but a Mincon peg will work too.
  • Oh and a Grapple and/or Inferno too.

Let’s begin!
First, on the back of the figure’s waist is an indentation which is 5mm; drill into this. Don’t worry - it won’t affect transformation in any way. Once you've drilled the hole, test fit the 5mm peg. When you're satisfied with the fit, glue the peg in place. You now have a place to attach Grapple's crane and Inferno's ladder [if you have one]. Now, [on] the final piece on the black spine piece (that’s what I call it, but you know what I mean) drill an 8mm hole so the peg can get through when in vehicle mode; the pictures show what I mean.

If you have the TFC-004 Gear of War Accessory Set ladder, you can attach inferno fire hose gun to it very easily too and he'll have a shoulder canon. First remove the arm attachment piece (mine is black and the gun itself is chrome) and attach another 5mm peg in the hole on the underside of the gun. Glue it when you're satisfied with the fit. Once dry this piece will fit into either hole at the base of the ladder.

Pictures are below:

Originally Posted by G60Force
Such little work yields such great result.

Obviously the pictures do the talking, but:

1. Cut a 5mm make it 5mm-7.5mm high [A];
2. Then with friction apply to location [B];
3. Then with friction slide over [C].

And you’re all set! ENJOY!

[NOTE: This modification does not harm the Inferno and/or Grapple mold!]
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