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RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification

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RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification

Hi there! Since I first did this in February, I have seen a few threads asking exactly how I went about giving Lugnut full finger dexterity. So since I finally managed to get my hands on another, I thought it was about time I put this together so without further ado, here he is:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-1.jpg

Hello Lugnut,

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-2.jpg

Now, as you can see his hand is going to need sawing through to make this possible. There are several ways to go about thisk, but first things first:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-3.jpg

Remove the screw on his forearm (shown here), and pull off the wing tip that is attached as a friction joint:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-4.jpg

Donít worry about Lugnut; he should be fine for a bit without it. Jjust remember to keep the screw safe as it is needed for reassembly:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-6.jpg

This is the piece in question that is going to be altered for the dexterity. You will need a saw and ideally a vice or workbench. If you have one, a Dremel; I don't so it's all done manually. DO NOT REMOVE THE PIN IN THE FINGERS! There is only one pin within, so that will need sawing in half as well as the plastic:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnut-tutorial-7.jpg

Now there are several ways to go about this, [but] I recommend you cut it like this rather than standing up, as this way you are more likely to get a straighter line when cutting through.

With that out of the way, get your saw and get sawing (hand cameo!):

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnuttutorial10.jpg

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnuttutorial11.jpg

. . . .and here we have it! [Now thereís] one hand for Lugnut with full finger movement, and no effect on any other aspect of the toy. Now, you too can have a Lugnut whose fingers move like this:

RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnuttutorial12.jpg

I hope that's been some help and answered questions about how I did it!

Originally Posted by Hoptimus View Post
Nice tutorial, thanks. Question, though: those types of pins usually only have a knurled section on one end or in the middle. That's the cross-hatched part that bites into the plastic and keep the pin locked in place. Are the pin-halves still secured, not going to slide out and get lost? Thanks.

This is the kind of thing I do to all my TFs whose hands are designed this way. Did it to Leader Starscream and Jetfire, for example. World of difference.
Both of the pin halves remain secure after the cut is made. Not sure why, but they just are since the pin is in them so firmly I struggle to remove either side with tools. Having done it to a previous Lugnut who was thoroughly tested, I can say that there is very little chance of them coming loose.

wait, thatís all there is to it?
I had heard about the mod but thought it involved changing it to ball joints or something major.
[It's] one of the easiest modifications I've seen in a while.

Yup thatís all there is to it! [It's] incredibly simple but really effective - the best kind of mod.
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RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnuttutorial11.jpg   RtS/United Lugnut Hand Modification-lugnuttutorial12.jpg  
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