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HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification

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HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification

Bear with me and you'll have an awesome little bad ass.
Now what you'll need:
  • [HftD] Hailstorm
  • Screwdriver
  • Something sharp (in my case, a box cutter)

Now remove his arms completely from his torso. In order to do that you need to remove only this screw on both arms:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0460.jpg

Then we open the shoulder, which is this:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02732.jpg

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02733.jpg

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02734.jpg

(The above three images were supplied by Radicon member Methusalen. ~Superquad7)

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0426-1.jpg

With that picture you see what we’re going to do. Pop off the brown treads, and cut out the sunken part following the hole you see in the previous picture.

Make sure you level the area around the screw hole where the shoulder joint will pass:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0429.jpg

Now, we’re almost done. We simply need to make a little room for the shoulder piece to slide smoothly:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0428-1.jpg

At this point, you need to slice that small block between the two wheels and the corner under it next to the point where the shoulders fold.

And that's it! Piece him back together.
We went from this:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0452.jpg

To this:

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0443.jpg

And, yes he still transforms [properly]!

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0449.jpg

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0444.jpg

Originally Posted by Ryoku
Some warning from my amateur efforts: first be careful with how much you cut away. My [Hailstorm’s] right arm is now in danger of falling out when I shift it because I cut too much at one point.

Second warning: you can't really have the missile pods on his shoulders because there isn't enough clearance with the new shoulders. Or at least I can't find a way to make it work well.

I did what I was told to do. I cut away the plastic and tried to copy the look of the photos.

(Now if I could just get his head to stop falling off at the drop of a hat . . . .)

The next shot is the arm that can fall off. Notice how big the hole is by the normal position. Don't do this:
Originally Posted by ClutchKick
This is particularly good for anyone wanting to do the increasingly popular Hailstorm-to-Guzzle custom.

Monkey arms are great for Hailstorm, but this mod makes my Guzzle look even stockier, and much more in proportion:

Wreck 'n' Rule!

Originally Posted by ClutchKick
Originally Posted by AlanGarou View Post
I just tried this out with one of the arms on my Hailstorm. It works pretty well, but it also made the shoulder joint rotate way too freely. Is there any way to fix this?
Possibly build the area back up with some plastic putty, or by melting some plastic into place with a soldering iron. After that . . . the old superglue trick?

Originally Posted by mip View Post
@IcedPhoenix: Thanks for the tutorial. I don't have Hailstorm now, but your tutorial makes me want to buy him.
The search function is your friend! It's the head from RotF bumblebee, as thought of by JAnGoThaKing.

LSOTW: Guzzle

That's right, I steal everyone else's ideas and use them for my own dark purposes. Mwhahaha . . . .

I will add for anyone doing this, cutting the hole big enough to get the shoulder joint to move, but small enough so that it won't come off requires serious skill and/or dark magic.
Originally Posted by Methusalen
I ended up messing it up a little, as I was using a Dremel attachment and got a little too confident and made the ends of the 'track' a little wide, making his right arm a bit floppy:
Attached Thumbnails
HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0444.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0146.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0147.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0149.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0150.jpg  

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0151.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-sam_0152.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-guzzlewitharmmod.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02732.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02733.jpg  

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02734.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-dsc02735.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0460.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0426-1.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0429.jpg  

HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0428-1.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0452.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0443.jpg   HftD Hailstorm Arm Modification-imag0449.jpg  

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