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Transform a G1/G2 Optimus Trailer into Classics Trailer!

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Transform a G1/G2 Optimus Trailer into Classics Trailer!

Hello, fellow Radicons. A friend of mine saw my custom and insisted that I post how I made my G1/G2 Classics O.P. Trailer. Keep in mind, that when I took these pictures, it was after I had completed the trailer. Most importantly, I made this from junker parts, because I couldn't bring myself to kill a good O.P.

You're going to need:
  • G1/G2 Trailer
  • G1/G2 Optimus Prime legs
  • Dremel w/cutting disc
  • Soldering iron w/a fine point
  • Epoxy/Glue
  • Screwdriver
  • 4 small screws
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter's Tape
  • Big plastic pen(I used a TDI Bank pen)

1: Remove the trailer door and with the screw driver push the metal rods towards the back of the trailer

2: Once it starts moving just pull it out from the back and repeat on other side

3: Remove all the screws on the bottom and separate the pieces

4: Now unscrew Optimus' legs, remove the foot and cut the tabs off both legs with the Dremel. Sand down so it will be smooth and even

5: Again with the Dremel, cut the plastic pins off the bottom of the trailer wheel holders and sand until flat

6: You should have both the bottom trailer piece and Optimus' legs sanded down. Now, what you want to do is align the leg and trailer piece as straight as possible with the side and rear like this(or more forward if you prefer).

7: Now with the painter's tape align the legs and place a piece so it will hold them in place

8: After they're aligned, take your soldering iron and make 2 holes on each side going through the black piece into Optimus' legs just big enough for the screws to go through(don't go too deep). Try to do this in one quick motion, because you don't want to melt the plastic too much. An alternative is using a small drill bit and slowly widen the hole. Line it up first before you even attempt this. Make sure you stay towards the inside of the legs(towards the center of the trailer). So it should look like this

9: Now remove the tape and put the screws in until they're in the legs. They should be even like step #7

With the screws in, the legs are on there pretty sturdy. If you want extra hold put some epoxy/glue in between the leg and trailer piece(but I advise to do it AFTER you're done with everything).

10: With the trailer bottom not attached to the trailer take the Dremel and cut the O-ring off and sand until it's smooth

11: Now position the trailer as if it were connected and judge the distance between the trailer's bottom and Optimus' legs. This is where you need the pen, because you need to make a new O-ring which will fit around classic Optimus' tabs. Then it'll go here

Now for the hard part

12: You have to decide how long you want the ring, for that will determine the angle of the trailer when it's connected to Optimus. Then, we're going to place it to the very front of the bottom so Optimus can have a turning radius. I suggest you cut the ring a little longer than what you want, so you can sand and smooth until the trailer is the right height. If the middle of the ring isn't wide enough to fit over Optimus' tabs, hollow it out with a drill bit or a round Dremel sander. After you're done sanding and leveling the ring, epoxy/glue it to the very front bottom of the black trailer piece like this(keep the gray and black pieces separate so they don't bond together)

13: Since you added height to the trailer the original side stands don't reach the floor anymore. So, I took a plastic dart tip and drilled a whole to insert a thin metal rod inside. I did the same to the bottom piece and epoxied them together for extra support.

Last thing to do is add a little epoxy/glue to the bottom back-end so it doesn't flap since it's not screwed in anymore. But I strongly advise you do this LAST. After you've painted since it won't show

The end result should look like this.

It's still stable enough to have Optimus(or another) stand on it without it toppling over.

So go ahead and give your Optimus the true G1 trailer he deserves. He's waiting, trust me.

So, here it is. Thanks for looking and remember: have fun customizing.

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Wants: MP-04S Trailer. PM me Please

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