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Scratchbuilding Hands

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Scratchbuilding Hands

Hi guys! Here's a hand tutorial for you all. Just to show hands can be built from nearly anything, here's a handy (get it?) way to build hands for all your customs - they can be built bigger, in the same way, [but I] don't think I could go any smaller.

1. To start use a piece of treasel wood, cost 1,which is soft to cut, and scoring the wood into strips using a Stanley knife.

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands1.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands2.jpg

2. Then sand and cut into smaller sections - these will form finger tips and the middles part of the fingers:
Four (4) for the tips;
four (4) for the middle section;
one (1) tip which is slightly smaller
and a slightly smaller middle section too:

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands3.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands5.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands7.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands8.jpg

3. Using a Dremel gently sand each finger to shape the parts, and with the edge of the dremel blade make a slot on the finger tips. This will allow the middle sections to slot in (holes were then drilled).

4. To join the fingers, I used a nail (simply cut down); to stop the nail from coming out, I mixed up a bit of epoxy:

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands10.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands6.jpg

5. The palm of the hand have slots made and drilled from the side. [Using the] same principle [as above], a nail was pushed through to hold the fingers on. The thumb area was made different for both hands, so a pose can be different. Again, a slot was made for the thumb, a small hole drilled, a nail dropped in, and epoxyed to hold the thumb in place:

Scratchbuilding Hands-150_1364.jpg

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands11.jpg

6.Once complete, I simply used car filler to tidy up the hand, and a piece of styrene was added to finish them of:

Scratchbuilding Hands-hands12.jpg

Heres a shot with leader class (movie 2007 Optimus) Prime's hands for comparison - the back of the hands have been left, [as] these can be drilled gently to fix in a ball joint etc.

Anyways, I hope this helps you all out!

All the best,

(Additional notes are following the discussion that took place after this was originally posted. The useful information can be found below! ~Superquad7)

This will work with anything, which is why i used wood to prove this. I think coloured perspex would be good, too.

The hands are a bit bigger than Masterpiece Optimus Prime hands (probably one and half times the size).
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Scratchbuilding Hands-hands10.jpg   Scratchbuilding Hands-hands11.jpg   Scratchbuilding Hands-150_1351.jpg   Scratchbuilding Hands-150_1364.jpg  

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