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Be Nelson Yomtov! (Colorists, Tackle an Original Transformers Marvel Comics Page!)

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(User note: When you access this thread, just give the images a few seconds to download. After than, just have fun! ~Superquad7)

[Several] Transformers comic page[s] by Jose Delbo from Transformers [were placed] up on Heritage Auctions . . . .

What does this mean? It means that you colorists out there now have a chance to tackle an original Marvel Transformers comics page! Full of Targetmasters and Fortress Maximus! You can BE Nel Yomtov!

Have fun!

* * * * *

Powermaster Optimus Prime! Fort Max! Blaster!

Seacons! Iguanas and Skullgrin! A giant group shot! MASTER MOUTH!

Another pair of pages! One from a Furman issue, and one . . . with half of the Roadjammers. Oh well.

I've been scouring through the Heritage Auction archives, and have turned up more black-and-white Delbo material.


Starscream! Skullgrin in a giant chair! Uh . . . Carissa Carr!

Hop to it, colorists.

More Jose Delbo pages! Mooore!

Autobot Headmasters, combine! The Decepticon desert island fortress! And Kup thinks Spike-Maximus will get them all killed!

Behold, the new Fortress Maximus! Spike looks for Buster! And, later, comes out to his father as an Autobot!

Finally, as a special treat, here's one of the only TF comic pages on Heritage Auctions NOT by Jose Delbo - from Transformers: Generation 2, it's Manny Galan art!

* * * * *

With the multi-book auctions out of the way, we now begin from, well, the beginning. Here's a set of pages that are exclusively from Jose Delbo's first issue on Transformers, "Trial by Fire!". One of these pages stands out to me for actually being incomplete - apparently all the flashback images were photostatted in for printing!

And to keep the theme of threes going, here's another something special - scanned from the inside back cover of one of Marvel's TF digests, it's black and white Don Perlin art of Optimus Prime's explosive death in "Afterdeath!".

And now another triple-treat! Four pages from issue 39, "The Desert Island of Space!", including the "death" of Shockwave . . . and the COVER to issue 40, "Pretender to the Throne!" The latter represents, I believe, one of only two Jose Delbo Transformers covers to have appeared on Heritage Auctions, and includes all trade dress.

2ndSndWve: "Sparks" was Firebolt's the name in the Marvel comics (and UK Ladybird storybooks). Since the comics' writer, Bob Budiansky, named most of the characters in the original toyline, it's hard to say whether the original intent was for the character to be named Sparks or Firebolt.

Anyway. Returning to our theme of "Optimus Prime blowing up violently", here's the explosive splash page to issue 41, Totaled!

Plus, as a Thanksgiving treat, here's an additional NINE pages from issue 42, "People Power!" - including Darkwing, Dreadwind, and the debut of Optimus Prime in his Powermaster Super Mode!

Here's the COVER to issue 42! As far as I know, this is the only other Transformers cover to show up on Heritage Auctions, making it a rather special piece.

It can! It is! Optimus Prime is back! (For, uh, like the third time overall...)

We'll end this round of offerings with the final set of pages from issue 45, Monstercon from Mars! Sky Lynx! A rampaging Skullgrin! Plus the opening splash page, which - while not featuring any TFs - is still kinda a rare thing to see.

* * * * *
For this round, boys and girls, here's way more of the Roadjammers than anyone wants to see, but also the hilarious trio of Mr. L, Mr. K and Mr. B, plus the Sparkabots and the Triggerbots! Look, it's Guzzle! In Marvel G1!

Here's a bonus single panel of Blaster by Don Perlin scanned from an issue of Marvel's Transformers digest series:

Completing our run of Ca$h and Car-Nage!, here are the last two sets of pages from the story: the small Decepticon Headmasters transform and combine!; a nice, big panel of Scorponok in beast mode, . . . and a splash panel of Scorponok getting shot by all the remote-controlled Transformers!

Now, to get the taste of Skunge, Felix, Burn-Out and Mr. T - er, Randy "Roadhog" Horton out of our mouths, here's another gem scanned from the Transformers digests: the cover of The Headmasters #1, with art by none other than Bob Budiansky himself!

Aw, yeah!

And now, from the blockbuster-sized fiftieth issue of Transformers, "Dark Star", comes a whole lot of death and destruction! Also, Kirby Dots.

And now, the explosive conclusion of "Dark Star”:

. . . . and two pages from nobody's favorite issue, "The Man in the Machine!":

Clifford Dietz for all!

"Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner?"!

Cloudburst and Landmine! The Grand Central Space Station! Blaster and Goldbug's decapitated heads!

Berko! Hi-Test and Throttle! A space hooker by way of Dr. Seuss!

Landmine versus Mecannibals!

Some of these pages might actually be from "Recipe for Disaster!". I don't quite remember how the stories break down.

Here's the rest of "Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner?":

. . . . and the splash page for "Recipe for Disaster", with Master Mouth!

So much toothyness.

It CAN! It IS! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the Furman era of the US comic! Our first stop: The Resurrection Gambit!

Let's jump back, because the cover to issue #40 went up on Heritage Auctions again - and they included a new scan that shows the imagery under the trade dress!

You can compare with the original here:


. . . .and, before we get back on that ole' Furman train, let's take an aside, because what else has gone up in the meanwhile? A masterpiece, that's what!

Bask in the glory of Herb Trimpe, mortals!
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Originally Posted by Monzo View Post
It CAN! It IS! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the Furman era of the US comic! Our first stop: The Resurrection Gambit!
... so it turns out that while I did post the first image from The Resurrection Gambit!, images two and three there were from Skin Deep. Oops. So for this week, here's the rest of The Resurrection Gambit!...

And the first set of pages from Skin Deep:

Hurray, Pretender Bumblebee reveal!
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