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Creating a Helicopter Mode Stand for Warbot Defender

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Creating a Helicopter Mode Stand for Warbot Defender

I was pretty ecstatic to get Warbot Defender, and it sucked to get an adapter for a stand, but no stand - especially since the helicopter mode is my favorite by far. I did some brainstorming, and then headed on over to Lowe's, and I was surprised that it actually came out pretty nice!

Tools/Materials needed

1.) Drill with 1/16" ad 1/8" drill bits
2.) Screwdriver
3.) Your choice of Spray paint (I use high gloss, acrylic)

From Lowe's:

4.) "REAL ORGANIZED" brand White shelf (.63"x8"x23.75") - Have cut into 6" wide pieces ([this] will give you four [pieces])

5.) "STEEL WORKS" brand steel rod (1/8"x3') - Have cut into 2" pieces for however many you want to so.

6.) Poplar Dowel (5/8"x4') - Cut into 4" pieces

7.) 1 and 1'/2" Flat Phillips wood screws


1.) Using the 1/8" drill bit, drill part way into the center of one end of your poplar dowel piece.

2.) Stick the Steel rod piece into that end (it's on you how much you want sticking out, so drill down appropriately). Tap it down a bit to make sure it's in snug.

3.) With the 1/8th drill bit, drill as far into the center of the other end of the poplar dowel as possible.

4.) With a straight piece (a ruler's fine - I just used another board piece), draw an "x" through the center of one side of your white shelf piece.

5.) With the 1/8th drill bit, drill through the center of that "x" you just made.

6.) Drill your wood screw through that hole you just drilled with the bit (we're drilling the whole first, because, if not, you'll crack the wood). Leave the Screw there.

7.) Place the holed end of the poplar dowel onto the screw's tip. Start screwing it down, until you have trouble, or the screw starts turning as well.

8.) Drill the screw in the rest of the way, until the dowel is snug to the shelf piece, and the screw has "indented" into the wood.

. . . . AND YOU'RE DONE!

As you can see above, it's not just put together well, but it's strong as hell too, so don't worry about that accidental drop or anything like that. You're good.

As for painting: I just leave it all put together, get a clear area, and spray away. I use outdoor acrylics from Hobby Lobby, because it bonds well to the metal as well.

From there, you're good to go. Pop on your adapter piece, and your Warbot Defender's airborne!

The total for the supplies were $9.63 from Lowes, and comes with enough 4 four (because of the bases... the rod and dowal can do at least 10 each). So, bang for the buck wise, it's awesome.

Someone . . . mentioned the seekers, which I hadn't even thought of. I had to make an adapter, but it came out great. Here's the before and after:

Originally Posted by Superquad7
What steps did you take to make an adapter for the Seeker mold?
I had some rubber things that came with one of my TV stands. I think they're to maybe clip wires or something? I dunno. They clamp on perfect, and give it perfect diameter to fit in the seeker gap, and hold them up, and rotate, and stuff.

It was weird finding a perfect fix just laying around the house.

Here are a few . . . [photos] for the adapter piece:

Attached Thumbnails
-project-defender.png   -springerstandtutorial00.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_002.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_003.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_004.jpg  

-springerstandtutorial00_005.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_006.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_007.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00_008.jpg   -springerstandtutorial00h.jpg  

-springerstandtutorial01.jpg   -springerstandtutorial01_002.jpg   -rodandadapter002.jpg   -rodandadapter.jpg   -springstandseekeradapte01.jpg  


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