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Rusty, Weathering Painting - with Generations [WfC] Megatron!

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Rusty, Weathering Painting - with Generations [WfC] Megatron!

Hi, there.
This is the post [where I] hope I can share the rusty [painting] manner with you guys who want to have a try.

This Megatron is repaint based on the game Transformers: War for Cybertron. The color I used is a combined color by mixing up [some colors] to get a [color] close [to that] similar with the game.

Instead of showing the whole repaint (considering the process could be long), I choose the Decepticon logo on this Megatron's back to display the difference between the before and after.

To repaint this part, it took [me] 2.5 hours to complete. For the detail repaint, it needs your patience more than your skill.

The first few things [to] prepare for the repaint:

1. The robot
2. Model painting oil in couple color (As pictured)
3. Pre-mixed color as follow the Games color (as pictured)
4. Oil painting (As pictured)
5. Air brush
6. Brush (pen) tiny size, as you can see from the pictures
7. Toothbrush, toothpick and cotton swab
8. Bottle spay clean water
9 ZIPPO fuel (for the oil painting)
10. Cigarette (if you do smoke, )

There are total 16 steps for this repaint as pictures shown.

Prepare the robot by painting black, then dry. Paint silver, then dry. Then, cover [off the parts that you don't want painted]:

1. Base metal color: combine the color and mix it in an ideal color for the rust:

2. Hand paint these colors . . . and I prefer to say it is spot[ted]. Spot the place you want to show out light, metal rust:

3. Hand paint the heavy, rusty color on where you want to show:

4. Dry and cover the other part you do not want to the airbrush spay on it. Prepare the mix color and ready your airbrush. More importantly, think for a while and imagine the rusty level you want it to be:

5. Airbrush finished on the whole part here:

6. Dry and check, then spay water to clean out:

7. "Rust" the part you want, and check your previous light rusty effect:

8. "Rust" again, but with more care:

9. Dry out and clean all the painting by water:

10. Dry out by [using a] hair dryer:

11. Check again for the painting [of the] rusty part under the 5500k light:

12. Prepare the oil painting for washing:

13. Wash:

14. Let the washing dry out a bit:

15. Clean out the spare washing effect:

16. Dry out and all jobs consider to be done:

Thanks again for your time.
Have a nice day!
Attached Thumbnails
-base-metal.jpg   -combine-color.jpg   -combine-color-checking.jpg   -model-painting.jpg   -painting-oil.jpg  

-paint-room-7.jpg   -paint-room-5.jpg   -step-0-prepare.jpg   -step-0-prepare-2.jpg   -step-1-base-metal.jpg  

-step-2-handpaint.jpg   -step-3-rust-color.jpg   -step-4-cover.jpg   -step-4-ready-airbrush.jpg   -step-4-think.jpg  

-step-4choose-color.jpg   -step-5-airbrush.jpg   -step-6-wet-crush-color.jpg   -step-6-airbrush-done.jpg   -step-7-check-rust.jpg  

-step-8-rust-out.jpg   -step-9-clean.jpg   -step-10-dry.jpg   -step-11-check.jpg   -step-12-wash-ready.jpg  

-step-13-wash.jpg   -step-14-wash-dry.jpg   -step-15-wash-check.jpg   -step-16-done-ok.jpg  
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